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    270 Offy

    I would love to see Terry do the snow engine! I'm currently gathering materials for that one.
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    270 Offy

    Terry Thanks for the quick response! You're willingness to answer questions and share your knowledge is very much appreciated. I'm sure there are many people here like me who are learning so much from people like you. I made a airhorn once but it was just a simple one with straight, angeled...
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    270 Offy

    Hi Terry, I always look forward to your posts as I learn so much from them and appreciate you taking the time to document things as you do. Could you explain how you made the airhorns for the carbs? They seem like a simple part but I can't figure out how they are made. Are you using form tools...
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Terry, Awesome work! Glad to hear it fired right up. Add me to the list of people waiting for the video! I've been following this build and your radial builds since I'd like to build the radial as my skills progress. You should be able to drain the tank from the fill valve. To fill the tank you...
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    Making a D1 4 Chuck reciever for a rotary table.

    Hi Ninefinger, If you don't mind, could I get a copy of the PDF too? Thanks!
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    Maddy and Daddy build Rosie

    Well, no luck getting scrap pieces so on to plan B. Dupont samples are $8.00 for a 4 x 4 piece but they don't have the colors we want. I found a product called Hi-Macs which has the colors close to what we want. Their 4 x 4 samples are $7.00. We'll order the pieces we need and we'll cut a...
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    Maddy and Daddy build Rosie

    I went to Lowe's (home improvement store) tonight and they said they don't have any small pieces and they only order what they need. The salesperson gave me some ideas of who might have some locally so I emailed one of them. We'll see what they say. There are also some guys on the auction...
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    Maddy and Daddy build Rosie

    Hi Stan, The plans call for pieces that are 4.5" square but if I have trouble finding what I need I'll definitely keep this in mind and downsize the hearts to fit. I"ll also show that website to my daughter as we might have to comprise on the colors. Pinks and reds don't appear to be current...
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    Maddy and Daddy build Rosie

    Hi Guys, I like to do projects with my kids aged 7,8 and 9. My daughter, who is the oldest, is the arts and craft person of the group and we have built some woodworking as well as electronic projects together. I was looking around on the forums and saw a picture of an engine called the Rosie...
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    I may design an I.C. engine---

    Hi Brian, The things you create are always cool. I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with! Shawn (prophub)
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    6 Cylinder Inline (To Be)

    Very cool! Looking forward to watching it come together. Shawn
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    Model Engine Builder magazine changes format

    Hi Mike, While I'm not happy about the change in format (I like print magazines) I understand what you are up against and fully support your decision. Your magazine is a great resource for me and I learn so much from it. Model Engine Builder in any format is much better than no Model Engine...
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Hi Brian, Thanks for taking the time to post all these details. As a novice, this is a great way to learn. I can't tell you how many times I've said "Oh, that's how you'd do it" while reading your posts. Shawn
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    New guy from Upstate NY

    Todd, Cool! Please post some pictures if you can...sounds like an interesting project. Shawn
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    New guy from Upstate NY

    Todd, Prophubs are the first thing I made, hence the name. They were straight forward and taught some basics so they were great projects. It's nice to hear from others in the area. We moved a round a bit so I grew up in Glenville, Scotia and Amsterdam/Fort Johnson. After college I settled...
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    New guy from Upstate NY

    Hi Todd, You'll find this site to be very friendly and helpful. I live in Latham, NY, not too far from you. I am relatively new to machining as well...I only got serious with it in the last couple of years. It's definitely an addicting hobby and very rewarding. Shawn
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    Removing machining marks from grooves

    That's a good tip, Thanks Dave! You guys have all been great. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it! Shawn
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    Please mister, make me a star

    Thanks for sharing Dave! I'll have to give it a daughter would love one on a necklace. Shawn
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    I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday season!! Shawn
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    Removing machining marks from grooves

    Thanks for all the responses! I really appreciate the help and great ideas. A couple of things I've learned so far in my journey into machining are 1)patience...rushing will only result in a bad part and 2) you're right Mike, a thousandth of an inch makes a big difference! :) Yeah, I've got a...