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  1. Emconut

    Converting Imperial and Metric threads to U.S. Threads

    A lot of cutting tool shops have free wall thread charts, at least in NZ If you really want to twist your brain cells study BA threads, which are anglicised metric threads
  2. Emconut

    Versa mill, is modernisation it a Sacrilege

    Thanks for that, it’s more problematic than that my better half wants me to downsize by my two biggest machines
  3. Emconut

    Versa mill, is modernisation it a Sacrilege

    I have no tooling for the mill head, and looking at the spud end thinking this is very close to 3mt
  4. Emconut

    Mitutoyo 1-2inch digital mic failure

    Over 40 years of buying electronic calipers I have acumilated a whole box of misfit things that defi my fixing
  5. Emconut

    18 Pounder QF Mk 1 Cannon model 1:8 scale

    Did you add up how many hours you spent on this amazing project