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  1. Jager

    First time bevel gear cutting

    I second the suggestion to consult Ivan Laws book, it is very informative and readily understood. I followed it when making a pair of bevel gears to drive the governor on my ME beam engine and am delighted at the result. David
  2. Jager

    Kerzel hit and miss as my first gas engine

    Hi, I have just decided to make this i.c. engine and just downloaded David Kerzels' original drawings and construction notes plus Julius de Waals drawings. Hopefully things will progress. As it is early days I have still to decide on the ignition system but from what I have see it will...
  3. Jager

    New(ish) member

    Hi Pat, I'm presently deciding between the David Kerzel and the Farm Boy hit & miss ic engine. David
  4. Jager

    New(ish) member

    Hello fellow black fingered swarf makers! I confess to having been lurking here for some time..About 3 years ago I bought a lathe, quickly followed by a mill in order to fulfill a lifelong ambition having served an engineering apprenticeship some 60+ years ago. I know there is a lot of good...
  5. Jager


    In fully understanding the difficulty getting the finance office to endorse the whims of the technical department I took an executive decision as CEO and determined that ALL decisions must be approved by the committee. Said Committee must consist of an odd number of members and shall not exceed...