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    Small Turbine Engine Model

    Awesome turbine.
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Piston ring seals are used in turbos on the turbine side at up to 150,000 revs if your seal design doesn't come up to your requirements.
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    Turbo jet engine

    I have scavenged a second hand turbo and built a jet engine. Very easy to get spooling and runs well but I keep getting flame escaping past the exhaust turbine and then get flame out. It's a waste gated turbo specked to open the waste gate at 8 psi which I can't spool it enough to get to happen...
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    Another try to build an engine running with diesel fuel

    My thoughts are on a model engine a separate pump and injector won't be successful or at least take a lot of work to get it right
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    Optimum angle for turbine blades

    Ill check them out thanks. Just found that I had to modify my flame tube done that now shaft and tube collide. At least I'm getting plenty of practice
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    Another try to build an engine running with diesel fuel

    Is your injector a unit injector or a pump separate to injector
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    Teflon in Australia

    The plates I was thinking of were black. I know when ordering we call them a Teflon skid plate. Might be a generic name.
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    Teflon in Australia

    Go to your local transport company. Teflon plates are used in place of grease on turntables. They may have a worn out peice.
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    Another try to build an engine running with diesel fuel

    Not quite. While the injector is still operating on pressure created by the cam driven pump the forth cam operates the opening. This way fuel is under pressure before the injector is allows to open instead of relying on a ball valve to hold pressure to a point before opening. This way fuel is...
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    wedge boiler

    Glad it's you joining them. Be very fiddly joining them up
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    Another try to build an engine running with diesel fuel

    Can I make stupid suggestion. Build your cam with four lobes. One for intake one exhaust one for driving injector and one that holds injector closed until firing. The lobe will work opposite to most cam lobes but ensures no leakage until up resource is right and allowed to open. Instead of a...
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    Optimum angle for turbine blades

    Trying to build a jet turbine. So far attempt one fired but failed to drive turbine. Attempting lighter weight turbine but just wondering what are the best angles for exhaust and compressor blades
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    Hi from western Sydney Australia.

    Hi I'm from down the road. Don't machine much but love the work done by the talented people here
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Following along. Can't wait to hear it run. The most famous engine in the world. To me anyway
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    Another Poppin project.

    Following along
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    Big chill in North America

    Don't know about you swifty. In central nsw at the moment big heatwave has been here nearly a week. Send that snow over here we need the moisture
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    Aussies looking for a challenge

    Just checked that patent out and it's nothing like that. Interesting concept but never heard of it being utilised anywhere. The professional builders still run a normal sterling system. Talked to a prototype company and was informed that they got out when another company produced sterlings...
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    Aussies looking for a challenge

    The design is a cross between a four stroke and a sterling and different stroke/ timing setup. All pretty straight forward for someone with the ability to machine tight tolerance. I like experimental ideas and effiency gains so that's my motivation but I lack the required skill or machinery to...
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    Aussies looking for a challenge

    I need a experienced sterling engine builder to build my engine design. Prefer east coast Australia. Prepared to pay for time and materials. Need to have cad as I don't. This is a project of mine but sadly I am not that good a machinist and I really don't have the right equipment. I would...
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    cylinder honing where to buy

    Horrible to get stuff in aus