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  1. alcostich


    wce4, Not entirely off topic...I have been treated very well at the local VA. Hope your visit is not too serious. Alan
  2. alcostich

    Hi from Rochester,New York

    Keith, I'm in Rochester near East High. My only machining experience has been self taught. I have a round ram Bridgeport, a South Bend 9A and an Atlas 7B shaper. I have built a Quorn tool and cutter grinder and a precision drill press from castings. I've also taught myself how to re-bush SU...
  3. alcostich

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    The formula I used, and can't now remember where I got it from is: 1/26 is .0384 .0384 x .866 is .033 However, .025 worked just right. Alan
  4. alcostich

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    After two unsuccessful attempts, finally got one to work. Seems either I didn't understand the dimensions on the drawing or those dimensions were wrong. I bored the nut to .0609 which is what my SB collet draw-in tube is. Then, although the formula for single depth of thread calls out .033 I...
  5. alcostich

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    Well, I don't have a 5/8 x 26 tap. And, yes, I can set the lathe to cut a 26 TPI. It was also suggested to use something more common. But, then I would have to dump a drawer full of 3C collets.
  6. alcostich

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    This looks to be for a Whitworth thread. I'm looking for a 60 thread for a 3C collet for a South Bend lathe.
  7. alcostich

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    I attempting to make a draw in nut for a 3C collet. The thread wants to be 26 TPI. Nowhere can I find the single depth of thread for that. This will be an internal thread. The dimensions on the plan I'm working from call out a minimum Dia of .520 and a max of .635. Based on the calculation: 1/26...
  8. alcostich


    This may be a looong shot: I'm trying to source a couple pairs of knurls that would fit Homecraft 2040 or 0-KH tool: 8221 coarse diamond 8261 coarse straight I wonder if Homecraft was an off shoot of Williams.... SB lists these: CE3152 coarse diamond CE3155 coarse straight All these knurls...
  9. alcostich

    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    Kelly, Do I detect an MG TC in the background? Alan
  10. alcostich

    greenfield releasing acorn die holders

    I've acquired a handful of acorn dies. Unfortunately I don't have releasing holder for them. Nor do I know very much about them. I assume the holders come in various sizes for different acorns. Could anyone offer some lessons on how to determine what size holders work with size dies and...
  11. alcostich

    Line Boring on a US-Type Lathe

    Has anyone added t-slots to their cross slide? What do you need to watch out for when adding the t-slots? Does adding t-slots affect the rigidity of the cross slide? I machined the S-4382 T-Slotted Cross Slide for the SB 9A from Metal Lathe Accessories many years ago. It replaces the cross...
  12. alcostich

    PM Research Machine kits

    Has anyone built any of PM Research's machine kits? Lathe, horizontal mill or shaper? I have all three and I'm looking for pointers.... Alan
  13. alcostich

    VW or Porsche Boxer Engine Plans?

    I, too, would be interested is the Brian Perkins VW boxer engine design. Thanks. Alan
  14. alcostich

    What is the best paint for an old machine restoration.

    Years ago I brushed porch and deck enamel on by Bridgeport Round-ram. Prior to that, even more years ago I brushed the same on my SouthBend lathe and Atlas 7B shaper. All have held up well to years of abuse.
  15. alcostich

    Help with Atlas 7B Shaper

    Hopsteiner, post: 318392, Thanks. I do have that picture. >>>>It's possible the set screw on one of these gears is loose. There appears to be only one set screw. And do get at it would require some serious disassembling. Something is binding someplace in there. Alan
  16. alcostich

    Help with Atlas 7B Shaper

    Because my mill was tied up with another project, I decided to use my shaper to make a nut for a quick change tool post. Encountered a problem I could use some help or advise with. I can adjust the length of stoke but I can't set the position of the ram. In order to turn the adjusting screw...
  17. alcostich

    WTB: 3C Hex Collets

    I'm looking to buy 3C hex collets. Thanks. Alan
  18. alcostich

    SB step chuck collet closer

    I stumbled upon some SB 3C step chucks. Now I'm in need of a closer. Anyone have one superfluous to their needs? Thanks. Alan
  19. alcostich

    Starting Mini-Lathe Mods

    Chuck, Any chance you could give some dimensions for the jig for the tangential tool bit jig? Thanks. Alan Here are some pictures of the jig I made for grinding tool bits for the tangential holder. It's made from a hunk of aluminum to help conduct heat away from the tool bit. I use the jig...
  20. alcostich

    PM Research Lathe

    I j=have started a yahoo group dedicated to the building of the PM Research kits. Please feel free to join it. PMResearchkitbuilder. thanks Alan