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    Casting Kits I would like to see For Sale Again

    Green Twin, Here's one I think you might be interested in: I contacted the company about 10 years ago about a set of castings and was told that none were in stock, that the patterns needed a lot of reworking and blah, blah...
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    Video of Ellwe Diesel? Running

    That's a crankcase scavenged 2 cycle similar to Fairbanks Morse. The second eccentric is likely for the jacket water pump. The B&W Alpha shown in one of the videos is also 2 cycle but has 2 stage reciprocating blower mounted aft of the 4th cylinder for scavenging air. I've run a couple of 3...
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    For Sale Late 1960s early 1970s Stuart Casting Kits

    Do you have any info on the 4 x 4 engine? Do you have drawings? Thanks, Chris
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    Coventry Compound Vertical Engine Drawings

    I have the full sized prints and the Live Steam copies as well. It will take a week or so to dig them out and see about reproduction. One thought is to scan them and convert to PDF so they could be emailed.
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    Band saws

    I picked up a Walker Turner 14" bandsaw about 20 years ago that has served me very well. It's late '40s vintage and built like a tank. One thing I really like about it is the motor has a two-speed gearbox mounted directly to it which gives me 8 speeds total. I've replaced the tires once and made...
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    Merryweather Fire King - a novice build

    I had the opportunity to steam aboard Eppleton Hall in 1975. It was quite an experience! The politics at the Museum are a problem when it comes to Eppie. She really should be back on the Tyne where she has true historic significance. I recently saw a film of tugs working taken in 1962 and there...
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    Morse tape in lathe.

    I'm going to chime in again. Thinking back to when I bought my Rockwell lathe, I remember finding a single 4C collet in the cabinet and being able to fit it directly into the spindle bore without any adapter. I called one of the East Coast US machinery dealers (Meridian?, Plaza?) and he said...
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    Morse tape in lathe.

    I had one of those lathes and I vaguely recall the headstock bore fit a 4C collet. Tailstock was MT2.
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    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    I may be able to help you with this. I have a 2 page parts list dated Nov. 1983 with the notation "see drg. 90047" I've scanned it to PDF and can email it to you. Just PM your email to me and I'll send on its way. Chris
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    Advanced Engine Building Projects

    I have a set of Coventry compound castings and prints that I picked up from Cole's several years ago. It will be a few more years until I get around to starting on them so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the prints. I would be interested in hearing what you come up with for errors. On another...