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    3d Printed Double Acting Engine

    I have some experience with 3D printed cylinders and pistons. The models are nice, but running them presents two problems - wear and heat. If the pistons and cylinder are left as-printed, they are anything but smooth, even in the best, most finely tuned printers. Running the model in this...
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    3d Printed Double Acting Engine

    Maybe a bicycle tire pump or a foot pump made to blow up pool toys? Won't run for a long time per stroke but you'll be able to adjust flow and pressure. With a bit of valve trickery you could pump up a bicycle inner tube and then switch it over to run the engine until the inner tube is...
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    Taking it up a step---

    Vernier caliper Dial caliper Digital caliper
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    pinion gears

    Before sorting out whether your cutters are Imperial or metric, the issue you have to solve first is indexing the blank. You are clearly not indexing the blank properly to produce the correct number of divisions. If you were, you'd have the correct number of teeth. Please find and refer to...
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    pinion gears

    I don't understand what's happening here. Even if the gear cutters are metric (module) instead of Imperial (diametral pitch), if you made a 120 tooth gear, then you cut 120 spaces into the circumference and it should have 120 teeth. Granted they would be the wrong shape, but there would be 120...
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    Unsatisfied !?

    Make it over, regardless of the time, effort and material needed. It might work just fine, and might even WOW! those you show it to. But you will always know it's not right. And that's the only thing you'll see every time you look at it.