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    5 stroke engine

    In the years leading up tp 1888, a French engine builder, Fernand Forest, resarched and built a similar engine. It was a standard 4 cylinder, but with a 5'th larger cylinder for exhaust expansion.It was ported so the exhaust from one of each of the cylinders would enter the expansion cylinder...
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    Cleaning out all my engine kits

    OK, so like KVOM said, tell us where you are, at least what country. Next, It would be good to list your kits so we don't have top guess. The next question is about what you are expecting to get for them. That is the first question folks are going to ask. So, that being said, I'm selling my...
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    Would Appreciate some advice on "Electric Furnaces"

    You may want to consider a used ceramics firing kiln. I think they have adjustable temp settings. maury
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    Galloway 1/3 casting kit FS

    Original Dick Shelly 1/3 Galloway casting kit. Complete with prints, decals, oiler glass and gears. Castings in grey iron Bronze, and aluminum piston. Asking $550.00 plus $60 shipping. email [email protected] for more details. maury
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    Baker Ball Hopper Monitor

    Smokey, these kits are still available. Doug at Minicastings has taken over the design, as well as several of my other kits. maury
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    Baker Ball Hopper Monitor

    Smokey, that looks like one of my kits. Glad to see folks are building them. Congratulations on a nice job. maury
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    Frisco Standard Gas Engine Build

    Dan I use to re-size and edit my pictures. It's a free download. maury
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    Porsche Inspired Flat 6

    Good Job! I agree with your assessment of beefing up the journals to .100. Even .010 should help. One assumption I didn't mention was that you would be making a 1 piece crank, and not building it up. Using a good grade of steel should keep you in the safe range. maury
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    Porsche Inspired Flat 6

    Sailplane, it's good to see someone set out on a serious design project. You have a long row to hoe, but it will be very rewarding. You have about what I had when I did a scale design of the Forest 1888 marine engine, except I didn't have the original or any parts. Your question about the...
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    Holt drawings

    George, Great Job!! I assume you found answers to the questions you had for me. I think it's great to give something to the hobby. I hope there are some who will build this wonderful engine. I have wanted to do this with the Gothic Steam engine scaled from the one at the Henry Ford Museum. I...
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    Get a kit as a first project?

    Ron welcome to the hobby. As you, I did woodworking for many years before I started in metal. My first metalworking project was a little bronze steam engine, the "little Kathy". I still have it. That was probably 15 years ago. It was inexpensive, and is a well made kit. It tought me many things...
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    Home made foundry question

    Jon, see if you can find the Steve Chastain books. There are 2 on building everything for your home foundry. And I mean everyting. they are inexpensive, easy reading, and have an enormous wealth of information. Good luck on a great hobby, maury
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    Info on holt build

    Chrispare, I think the Holt is one of the most handsome engines out there, and hope you are able to take on this project. I have a thread on another engine building board you may want to look up. I have built 2 of these engines and have a third under my bench about half done. George Britnell is...
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    The future of the "engine kit"

    Y'all, I have been peeking in on this discussion and find it in line with where the hobby is progressing. As a builder/designer/seller of scale model engine kits I am in contact with a wide variety of folks in the hobby. I have had several requests from customers for CNC help with some of the...
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    Names 2015

    John, yes, I'll be in the Lone Star Engine Works booth. See you there. maury
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    Names 2015

    Folks, I plan to go to both shows this year. It will be about a 2 week trip for me, so I hope the snow is melted too. This will be my first time for CF. See y'all there. maury
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    hot tube model casting kit

    Tom, the Swan: Available at Lone Star Engine Works. maury
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    Lone Star Engine Works Announcement

    Rebush, thanks for the interest in the Monitor. It is one of my favorite hit miss engines with it's elegant lines. I have had some contact with Doug over at Ministeam, and he is sorting out the trailer load of stuff he picked up. I can't speak for when he will have kits available, so perhaps...
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    Lone Star Engine Works Announcement

    Lone Star Engine Works Announcement: Some changes have been made to the product line at Lone Star Engine Works. This fall, We have sold the designs for the Baker Monitor, the Quincy Farm Engine, and the Aermotor Windmill engine and Water Pump to MiniSteam. Kits for these products will no longer...
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    Electronic Dividing Head - 4th Axis

    Chuck, the application of your 4th axis for cutting gears looks really nice. Watching it, I was wondering, since you are pioneering things, have you considered cutting bevel and miter gears. Those are a lot harder to come bu, and would be a big value added for the hobby. In Machineries there...