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    Two Stroke Reed Valve Material

    Strimmer. Actually quicker than writing Google it...............:) Not sure if it's applicable for your intended use but I have cut reeds for Cox engines from phone screen protectors.
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    ID of unknown engine

    You could try asking on the RC Groups Ignition Treasures forum here:
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    Mark's First investment casting

    Great first try. I'm building up to this myself and have just purchased a resin printer. Next up will be a vacuum chamber, table-top burnout kiln and table-top furnace. I do have a question for those in the know. All the videos I've watched on this process seem to show the printed parts being...
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    Miniture spark plugs

    Absolutely interested in your drawings and photos. What is FCMS? I'm just about to start building a Windsong .099 spark ignition engine from R Schroeder castings and intend to make the spark plug myself.
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    Attempting Gordon Nano

    Been a while since I visited. Just want to say don't give up yet. I've made 7 of these now and most of them have been a real chore to find the running settings and get them started. I actually put 3 of them aside because I got so fed up with not getting any response at all. Pulled them out a...
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    Found this 0.1CC Micro Diesel engine

    I've just finished building one of these. Great little engine. A video of mine having it's first run in the workshop here: Showing the chaps at the local club how easily it starts here: I found the drawings that I used here...
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    Chinese hit and miss engines

    Mine did the same thing. Turns out it was the intake valve had stopped sealing properly as a bit of sealant that they use to seal the carb to the head, had come loose and lodged on the valve seat. Dave