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    WTB 7 inch metal shaper, Atlas 7B, South bend or others

    Interested in finding a 7 inch shaper in operable condition within 600 miles of Springfield, Mo. Will pick within that range. Prefer Atlas 7B or equivalent. Let me know price, condition and location.
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    Power tapping small size fastners

    Just beginning to machine the excellent Ransom & May mill engine casting set provided by Hemmingway in the UK. A #2-56 is about the smallest fastener these eyes and fingers are capable of manipulating. Have always been a little leery of blind hole tapping under power with any mill. My later...
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    Maine visit

    Would like to talk with and visit the workshop of any model builder when I am in Southern Maine this next month. If you are interested let me know and PM me for my phone number so we could discuss timing. Regards. Bob E.
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    Workshop revision/lathe replacement

    Recently sold my 10x30 Bolton Lathe and replaced it with a Weiss lathe of the same size. It has a variable speed control and will get down to a crawl, very close to lathes having back geared headstocks. Took the time to reorganize my bar stock materials which I buy or cut into 2 ft. lengths as...
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    4 jaw chuck selection--Self centering or individual jaw adjustment type

    Just curious as to what experience has been with the self centering 4 jaw versus the conventional individual jaw adjustment type. most of my 4 jaw work involves irregular shaped and off center workpieces like cylinder castings and eccentrics. Unfamiliar as to how 4 jaw self centering are set up...
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    Low cost Pressure relief valve in Model size

    Recently purchased a Rated PR valve that has 1/8th inch pipe external threads and is set for 100 psi from MSCdirect.com, item is all brass and goes off at the 100psi rating. Item number is 08059909 and is mfg. by Kingston with their part number of KSV10-1-100, located on page 4001 of MSC's big...
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    Improved Boiler water level sight glass

    Many years ago while building steam locos I utilized the redline water level sight glass system that greatly enhanced water level visibility. Currently using WL sight gages that are smaller in diameter than most redline gage tube material offered. To solve this problem you can easily make a gage...
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    LilMo project finished 12-18

    Here is a few photo's(I hope) of my recently completed lilMo project. Have tried both the cast aluminum flywheel and the 3D printed spiral spoked flywheel. Both seem to operate about the same, the printed unit is about 4 oz.lighter than the cast aluminum unit.
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    Copper boiler Bushing thread

    Currently working on a 4" diameter copper boiler using the water tube design from Cli Shay book by Robert Maynard. Question is what thread should I use for outlet Bushings to connect PR valve, pressure gage, whistle, steam supply etc. The book indicates 3/8-24 thread for most outlets. One...
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    Oscilator Engine Casting Source?

    This past month I attended the Black Hills Model Engineering Expo and saw this Oscillator engine that was approximately 12' high with a flywheel in the 7-9"range. Owner not sure who made the castings but recalled they came from somewhere in Western Canada. Would appreciate hearing from anyone...
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    Black Hills Show September 29-30, 2018

    The Black Hills show is coming up next month on September 29 &30 2018 in Rapid city SD. This will be my first year attending this show so will try to take some photos for posting the month after. Have attended the NAME show for a lot of years and will attend next year's 30 th. Won't attend the...
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    Search on Downloads?

    The most recent format function seems to have omitted the download search function which I found quite helpful when you are looking for a particular item. Looks like now you have to search 27 screens to find the item of interest. Not sure if the latest software represents progress. To download...
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    New Mill Upgrade for Shop

    Recently added a Grizzly GO759 mill with DRO and Longitudinal table feed to my small shop. Absolutely love the DRO and power feed of this unit. Still learning to use the DRO but it is coming along, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Only made one mistake in locating so can't use the full table...
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    Rudy K's 2X Vertical progress photos

    Here are some photos of my recently completed scratch building project of Rudy K's vertical scaled up 2x. Only purchased part was the Flywheel from PMR. Running is still being sorted out, leakage between the rotary valve plate and steam chest is major issue. Cylinder, piston, steam chest and...
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    Mini Tapper

    Here is the mini tapper I just completed based on plans available online. Plans call for 3/4" aluminum base 4x6", I used a 1/2" CRS 6x6" base with materials available from local metal monger. Unit works great for #2 and below sized taps.
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    Loading potos without 90 degree rotation problems

    My cell phone camera will take perfect pictures for posting on this web site WITHOUT the pesky 90 degree rotation problem I have experienced in the past by making one minor technique change. I just ROTATE the cell phone to the Landscape position , take the photo and then download to my computer...
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    New 6" horz/vert Rotary table

    Just received my new Olima 6" horz/vert Rotary table ordered from Alibaba.com 7 days ago. Purchased pictured unit for $265 delivered from mainland China. Local Grizzly store sells a very similar unit for $385 plus 7% sales tax. Very pleased with the quality of the Olima unit, overall better than...
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    Brass Ball drill & Tap fixture

    Here is a fixture I have built and used successfully to drill & Tap a .500 inch diameter Brass Ball used in Fly ball Governor construction. I ball end milled a cavity in a piece of 1" CRS and drilled & Tapped 4 holding screws at 90 degrees. You need to ball mill the cavity about .030 to .050...
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    Rudy K's 2x vertical progress-Machined version

    Well here goes another attempt to post pics that may not get rotated 90 deg. Ready for an air test and final wood base construction.
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    Rudy K's 2x vertical progress-Machined version

    My Fabricated 2x Rudy K's vertical is beginning to look like an engine. Waiting on the purchased flywheel and an air test next. Hope the pictures appear right side up.