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  1. Cogsy

    Marks Holt 75

    I have started a new thread for Johns' Holt and cleaned this one up a bit. Please continue your story Mark - I've been following along and really looking forward to the completion.
  2. Cogsy

    Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.

    All snakes in Australia are protected species and it's illegal to kill them for any reason. I have a few living in my house - they make great pets, not smelly at all and don't eat much. Reasonably friendly beasts too. I haven't been bitten in weeks.
  3. Cogsy

    DEMON 2X

    It seems a lot of people use a similar method to you when 'seating' rings but industry suggests it is the opposite of what you want to do to actually get a well sealing ring. The combustion pressures are required to get the rings to 'bed-in' and wear into a good seal. Here's a couple of links if...
  4. Cogsy

    Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.

    If I'm only doing something like working on a car or fixing the mower, and it's a hot enough day, then the full uniform is a pair of stubbies, wife beater and thongs. If I'm machining or messing with heavy stuff I switch the thongs for steel caps and if I'm welding then I try and add a long...
  5. Cogsy

    Yet Another Webster Begins

    I was going to suggest the same tool Brian did (we know them as 'side-cutters' down here). Looking at the picture, I would have thought there was enough pin sticking out that the cutters wouldn't even need modifying. Many times I've used side-cutters to grab and manipulate heavy springs, mostly...
  6. Cogsy

    Chinese Vertical Hit and Miss

    Barely any running so far. I've been tied up with real life a lot lately. I have a friend (just the one!) who has the horizontal version and he's had that running for hours at a time without any noticeable loss of compression. He does put a few drops of oil in his fuel to keep it lubricated.
  7. Cogsy

    veterans day

    I think you'll find it was 11:00am precisely (Paris time) on the 11th of November 1918. Had the war finished in 1917 my great-grandfather would not have perished in it...
  8. Cogsy

    ??? Making Setups

    The internet archive supposedly considers itself a library and it holds many physical copies of books, both in copyright and out of copyright, which it digitally 'lends' to users. The way these digital copies are provided to users has long been a point of contention with publishers and copyright...
  9. Cogsy

    Chinese Vertical Hit and Miss

    I'm not sure that flash point has much to do with combustion performance (and my intuition, which is often wrong, suggests WD40 wouldn't burn all that well compared to petrol/gasoline). Anyhow, petrol/gasoline has a flash point around negative 40° Celsius so if flash point==combustability then...
  10. Cogsy

    ??? Making Setups

    I wasn't suggesting the link to the specific publication was breaching copyright, simply that the site itself is jam-packed full of material which is covered by copyright. Simply viewing the posted link will present the user with other "you may also be interested in..." materials which...
  11. Cogsy

    Acceptable castings from Kit suppliers.

    Charles has much more experience with this casting so I'd take his advice and all I can give is my impression - The surface finish on the first, except for the defect, looks good, but the blue one looks like something I would cast in my back yard (and then promptly remelt and try again).
  12. Cogsy

    1/3 scale Galloway construction

    Oops - I missed the original explanation in his post and I rescind my objection. Thanks for pointing it out George and feel free to continue on with the caps.
  13. Cogsy

    New ..

    It's looking great. Nearly time for start up?
  14. Cogsy

    1/3 scale Galloway construction

    Guys, my eyes are bleeding. Can we please stop with the ALL CAPS??? pretty please...
  15. Cogsy

    Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.

    My thoughts exactly on this topic. I've been away for a few days and cam back to another 2 pages of replies on this thread! I was specifically referring to your contributions to the topic. Specifically, your post numbers 11, 14, 17, 18 before finally mentioning safety in post number 22. I was...
  16. Cogsy

    ??? Making Setups

    The internet archive is full of materials well within copyright and the legal opinions suggest it is, in general, in breach of copyright. The problem is, they vigorously defend copyright claims and each copyright holder has to launch their own actions. As you can appreciate this is extremely...
  17. Cogsy

    Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.

    Supposedly the North American vehicle fatality rate is 1.16 per million miles but with vehicles in autonomous mode it falls to only 1 per 320 million miles. So the car would have been less safe with a human driver - and driver fatigue is a huge factor in many fatalities, so a tired driver would...
  18. Cogsy

    Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.

    This type of reply is my main issue with this thread. It's an obvious personal dig at the original poster, and any others who don't agree with your view, which is composed with such fervour that you couldn't even get the OP's name correct (it's Jim, not Steve). Yet it does not add anything to...
  19. Cogsy

    Ceramic Gas burners on Locos

    This is overstating the risk and being alarmist in my opinion. Obviously too high a concentration is very dangerous but there is a threshold where damage starts to occur and we are all routinely exposed to at least some CO as a product of almost all combustion processes (including the humble log...
  20. Cogsy

    Chinese Vertical Hit and Miss

    Not sure where you got your information from but checking the WD-40 official website suggests it is not accurate in terms of lubrication effectiveness and corrosiveness. From the website itself "WD-40® Multi-Use Product is a unique, special blend of lubricants. The product’s formulation also...