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    Alignment of cylinders and crank bearings

    Hi all I plan to start making a straight 4 cylinder engine in the near future. My first one. Like lots of you probably do, I spend lots of time thinking about the setup for each part Recently I've been thinking about the setup(s) required for machining the block and how to properly align the...
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    Build a mini caterham

    So last year I bought drawings from @gbritnell for his straight 4 cylinder engine. I intend to build the engine in the future but have decided that I'd like to have it drive a car. In the past I have considered building a caterham / lotus 7 replica but never got round to doing due to fund or...
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    Starting with the Boll Aero 18

    So tomorrow I plan to make a start on my first model engine. I have choosen the Boll Aero 18. I have the drawings and 90% of the materials. Tomorrow I plan to machine the crank case. I will make sure I take plenty of photo to share here. Do you have any tips? Also, looking at the drawings...
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    Hello from the Lake District

    Hi my name is Nathan and I'm new to the forum. I'm located in the lake District, UK. Last year I bought myself a lathe and milling machine and have made a few tools for my workshy up to now. I now want to make something a little more complex. Something that has moving parts and I can be...