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    I've been playing with my dividing head

    As the title suggests, I've been having a play with my dividing head. I have been house bound for a couple of weeks now, and managed to get some quality alone time in my shed, I started out by making a steel boss for a flywheel on my lathe and it grew from there. Sorry there is no build log or...
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    CNC or Dro

    Hi all, I guess this subject has been beaten to death over the years but, which is better to use in the home hobbyist environment. I am thinking seriously about putting something on my mill to make it way more accurate than my eyeometer as I am growing tired of making 5 to get 1 usable item...
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    Valve seat cutters.

    Hi there all, A question about Valve seat cutters, is there a thread or information on making said tools to suit our modelling of the I.C. Valve seat and guide assy. 'coz I seem to remember somebody making a cutter using the valve guide to keep the seat true and square to the guide. Also...
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    Chain Sprockets

    Hi there all, Yup Chain Sprockets, Does anyone know if there are formula's etc. to enable me to manufacture a set of sprockets to suit an old model that I am resurrecting. I need to keep it with the chain driven timing to make it look right. Cheers Graham