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  1. nel2lar

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    Tom I see what you are talking about and can not understand why it is in that condition. And it is not a flat bed scanner. The page being scanned is the left hand page and no where near the center. The only thing I see is the "Valve Rod" that dimension is 1 3/16". Hopefully this helps...
  2. nel2lar

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    Dave I have all the builds and they are the Elmer Verburg's files. Give me a shout and I would be more than obliged to share. Nelson
  3. nel2lar

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    Dave I was just hoping around the WWW of old site I was very interested in years ago. I saved many files and the info you are looking for, the Elmers #6 Slider is here in its entirety with all of the build instructions. I hope you have more success than myself. Life has it ways of getting in the...
  4. nel2lar

    Hello everyone!

    Very nice, do not cut yourself short. You made it and it does what it is made to do and the joy you have had in the build can not be bought for any amount. Thanks for sharing.
  5. nel2lar

    Hello everyone!

    It is just a one part at a time until finished. Congratulation on your Elmer engine. Nelson
  6. nel2lar

    Helical gear problems - Help

    gbritnell I think you are looking at it wrongly. If you look at the tooth and measure the tooth, it will be more than the .5 of your material. The 45 degree will make it grow. I'll be watching and most ot the time silent. Nelson
  7. nel2lar

    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Phil I delivered fuel to service station for a short time in my life and an older gentleman had his own truck, he had two speeds, slow and you know what the other one was. Do not let all the bad comments bother you, if they were busy on their projects they would not have time to complain. Good...
  8. nel2lar

    Cutter grinder

    I have a plan for grinding end mills that uses 5-C collets. If interested PM me. Nelson
  9. nel2lar


    Gordon I do not believe that is what it is. Mark my word an see youtube is going pay to play. It's the greed going on the internet these days. Nelson
  10. nel2lar

    Improving a Cheap Arbor Press and Adding Tapping Feature

    Like Peter said the photo start at -Tapper Buildlog/Press-Tapper_Buildlog_01.jpg, if you change the 01 through 36 you will see all the pictures. Wonderful build. A lot of things have changed some of which sucks and
  11. nel2lar

    Software in the cloud

    Mike I feel your pain and it just kills me because you put many hours in learning the system and out of the blue it will not work anymore. The biggest thing that get me about technology is when the company's just quit making updates available to you. I read a big thing with John Deere Tractors...
  12. nel2lar

    Drafting linen

    There are so many things I miss about the way we made things happen years ago. A young lady that work with the company I spent most of my career at did all the certificates with all that stylish writing . She did some amazing work and it looked so good. Thanks for the memories. Nelson
  13. nel2lar

    Photo Bucket is at it again

    I can not stand Photo-bucket. Always something to mess with my photos. There has to be a better photo company.
  14. nel2lar

    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Hermetic My observations were not on your ability or equipment. I think it is just a thing of dated material. I was following and next thing dates appear and I figured you just grabbed you camera and turned it on and started shooting, which I am guilty of. And to remove the dates is a pain, so I...
  15. nel2lar

    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    I think you need to update your camera!
  16. nel2lar

    Cfellows plans wanted

    Hoss Here are two of the nice build by different people that did a very nice job from bar stock. I have more and there is many that made the Bonelle on the internet. Bar stock make it a lot cheaper than castings. Good Luck on you quest. Nelson
  17. nel2lar

    Cfellows plans wanted

    Hoss Does it have to be the T&C Grinder that Chuck made? Nelson
  18. nel2lar

    Cfellows plans wanted

    Hoss If you go to all the articles from CFellows, you might find just what you are looking for. Here is the site to start with page 1 through 182.
  19. nel2lar

    Seeking Drawings for Yacht Signal Cannon

    Jennifer There is no such thing as luck. You worked hard for what you have and you deserve all the enjoyment possible. I enjoy your build and conversations even if I do not reply. Enjoy your life. Nelson
  20. nel2lar

    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    Anyone wanting or needing to replace a motor should checkout 3 phase. Worked out well for me. What I want to do is put a reciprocal on the 3 phase side and run a motor on my lathe 2 hp @ 3450 rpm and the motor on my mill is a 2 hp 3 phase @ 1750 rpm. I am a one man shop so if I am running my...