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  1. Geartooth

    Are there 'Standard' thread sizes for model engines?

    You could do a quick spreadsheet program that divides diameter by your chosen scale. Multiply common thread pitches by the same scale. Use the answers to compare available standard thread sizes to find a usable scale thread. For example; in 1:3 scale, a 5-40 works for a 5/16-18 .
  2. Geartooth

    Squaring Stock

    I saw an interesting Joe Pie u-tube video. He showed how to save time by putting the rough stock on tall parallels, taking a light clean-up cut on the top and all four sides. This gave him a five sides squared block that could be rotated in the vise to register on any of the cut surfaces. I...
  3. Geartooth

    " Fuel less " space engine

    That 1961 Popular Science engine was one of my first projects when I got my lathe back in 1974. I built it because I didn't think it could work. To my surprise, it worked very well. I then made two smaller 1/2 sized engines, one in mirror image. They both run fine as well.
  4. Geartooth

    Farm Boy Milestones

    It has been a while since I worked on my Farm Boy engine. There have not been any replies to my question and I assembled the engine with the flyball weights as they were without any problems. I am assuming an error on the prints.
  5. Geartooth

    Model generator build from scratch

    With 12 coils and 16 magnetic poles, what frequency would result by spinning it at 1000 RPM?
  6. Geartooth

    Stirling engine by J Coolegem

    Here is the start of my Strling engine by Coolegem. I got the plans from a Google search and found an online translator from the Dutch to English. After seeing the plans, I just had to make that linkage to see how it works. Like a lot of my builds, I now wait to find materials to finish it. Thin...
  7. Geartooth

    a small update

    I worked at large manufacturing facilities where signs were posted everywhere. Here is one I liked and have in my own shop.
  8. Geartooth

    Palmgren angle vise

    I just got this used Palmgren angle vise off the big on-line auction site. No one bid against me so I probably paid to much. These questions are for anyone who owns a similar vise. Being it it used, there was no instruction sheet with it. It looks like the previous owner added washers to both...
  9. Geartooth

    Gear Tooth Chart

    There is a lot to choose from. Simply search "Diametral Pitch Chart" on the internet.
  10. Geartooth

    Jacobs chuck key

    I googled "chuck key 15/64 pilot" and got a lot of hits. Interestingly there is a KS2A chuck key not listed on the Jacobs site. The Jacobs information shows only the K30 with a 15/64 pilot. Another thought. Could the outer sleeve on your chuck be shifted somewhat causing interference with the...
  11. Geartooth

    Jacobs chuck key

    I know you don't have a chuck key to take measurements from. Since you have tried several, can you tell us what head diameter is too big or small or gear teeth too coarse or fine? I'm sure this group can help you find what you want.
  12. Geartooth

    Jacobs chuck key

    Can you tell us what size the pilot hole is on your chuck? Like me, I'm sure many of us have assortments of various unused chuck keys in their shops.
  13. Geartooth

    Jacobs chuck key

    Grainger's catalog lists their chuck keys along with a size description that could be useful to you...
  14. Geartooth

    $0.15 Valve springs

    When I built my last I.C. engine, I looked high and low for miniature fine wire springs for the intake valves. I was rummaging my local surplus store today and found a large stash of these small springs. They only require 10 grams to deflect them .100 inch. If anyone would like me to send...
  15. Geartooth

    Miniature cotter pins

    Thank you, I will keep that information. My "want" list is getting bigger now.
  16. Geartooth

    Miniature cotter pins

    Thanks for the suggestions. I should have asked a more specific question. Is there a source for all types of miniature hardware? I would like to find small quantities of threaded fasteners size 2 and smaller, very small gears/ chain sprockets, etc. I have a catalog from Micro-Mark that sells...
  17. Geartooth

    Miniature cotter pins

    The plans for the engine I am now building has several places that a cotter pin will be used. The cross hole in the shafts is only .036 diameter. Is there a source for very small hardware. I tried making some by grinding paper clip wire to a semi-circle cross section and, with practice, they...
  18. Geartooth

    Farm Boy Milestones

    Its time to update the progress on my Farm Boy engine (s/n 510). Little had been done in the Summer months of 2015. The stumbling block was obtaining the material to make the flywheels. The plans called for 6 inch diameter cast iron. I will be the first one to call myself cheap and unwilling to...
  19. Geartooth

    Farmboy engine

    I am currently building Farm Boy #510. I would love to see pictures of your build.
  20. Geartooth

    61-80 drill bits

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will add to my purchase list and wait for sales.