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    Stuart Turner boiler feed pump

    Hello Marty I've recently acquired some castings for the Stuart Pump and am also puzzling out how it works and how to machine the parts. The drawing I have is #90085 and is dated 26 November 1976. There are however differences in dimensions and methods between the casting set I have and this...
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    Robertson Semi-Rotary Steam Engine Drawings

    Hello Pat I'd be more than interested if you do get around to detailing the Robertson Engine. I've found little detail other than the e-book you referenced. I've searched some patents to no avail but I do recall seeing a model reported at one or other of the UK or European shows and believe that...
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    info on Stagren Pixi/Perris Pixi/New Randa/Jason mini lathe

    Quincy I have a Pixie lathe and somewhere a hand book although as I recall the hand book is more to do with an introduction to lathe work rather than detail instructions on the make up of the Peris lathe. I'll dig mine out and attempt some photos of the gear train. Again from memory the gears on...
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    Sartglen pixi metal lathe info

    I have one of these and somewhere a hand book. My verstion has the powered leadscrew and variable speed drive. What is it that you'd like to know and I'll try and help. My only reservations about the lathe are that there is little room twixt tailstock and headstock with both chucks fitted so...
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    How the **** did I do that!

    Sorry to hear of your problem but why not turn off the flanges completely and fit steel tyres with a shrink fit as full size did. Best wishes John