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    Grasshopper Half Beam Steam Engine from Bengs

    Hello everyone, I bought a second kit from Bengs : the Grasshopper steam engine. Over the weekend, I finished the engine itself. What's left to do is the water pump and the steam valve and then it's ready for painting and final tuning of course. Will try to make a build video and final result...
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    'Leni' vertical steam engine with reverser from Bengs

    Hello forum, After building 2 bar stock engines, I bought an engine kit from Bengs Modellbau: the little 'Leni' with reverser. This was supposed to be a little in-between project since I also started the Ransome and May steam engine. One of the problems building a little engine is the use of M2...
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    Simple Walking-Beam Steam Engine

    Well, I'm actually building two engines at the same time currently. The first one is the Ransome & May horizontal mill engine. This is a step up from previous engines because it has some extra features like the governor, water pump and steam valve. The plans say that it can be build from bar...
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    Simple Walking-Beam Steam Engine

    Thanks! For my first builds, I tried to find engines that could be made without castings and that were fairly simple to make on the lathe an small milling machine. I think the potty mill and this simple beam engine both fulfill these requirements. There are loads more and maybe even simpler ones...
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    Simple Walking-Beam Steam Engine

    I made a little follow-up video of the final result (so far)... I really should fix the issues first of this wonderful little engine and I must say, I learned a great deal again making it, but I started project n° 3 already. Let's hope there will be lots of cold and dark winter nights ahead...
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    Simple Walking-Beam Steam Engine

    My second engine build. It took about 2 months to build, but it's not complete yet: some screws are missing (so there is a strong resemblance with the guy who built it...) Design by Rudy Kouhoupt Plans by J.A.M. De Waal
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    Running a model steam engine from a fish tank air pump

    Thanks for pointing this out!
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    Running a model steam engine from a fish tank air pump

    I tried to find examples of people running a model steam engine from a diaphragm style fish tank air pump, but could not find a lot of info, so I did some experimenting myself...
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    Potty Mill horizontal steam engine

    Thanks to mr Stuart Hart, I fulfilled a childhood dream: the potty mill horizontal steam engine. It took about 4 months to finish this engine. The only part that is steam related is the flywheel I purchased from RDG tools years ago (I think they still have this in their catalogue). All other...
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    You're absolutely right of course: for the front wheel, rear wheel and backbone, I had to visit a local mechanic with a bending machine. Apart from that, I didn't do the TIG welding myself either. I had to rely on the same guy and he did a fabulous job. The rest was made in my workshop: - 80...
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    Hello fellow engineers, After several weeks behind my computer for the design and spending lots of hours behind my mill and lathe, I finaly can say that I've build something that runs not on hot air or petrol or steam, but on a pair of legs... now I can get back to making model engines...
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    1943 micro engine

    Hello people, When I was much younger, I found a number of issues of the french magazine L'Aviation dating back to 1943. They had plans for a little IC-engine for people with a workshop. I haven't build it yet but maybe someone might find the plans usefull. Cheers, Filip