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    India Tools

    None of the comments in this thread re Indian tool quality surprises me. India was a major supplier of hobby grade tools BC ( before China) back in the 80's when I first got into the home machine shop hobby. Pakistan was also a supplier. Both exported crap as described above. I quit...
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    12L14 Uses

    303 and 416 stainless are my go to steels when I want to use stainless. Neither work hardens significantly in my experience. Type 416R is the standard SS used by gun barrel makers world wide.
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    2 cycle rotary valve engine

    Some info on port timing of commercial engines can be found here: Ron's Model Engineering and Model IC Engines Index On the left side scroll down and click on "resources". open up "design center" and scroll down to "discussions". The 3rd, 4th, and 5th topics will provide some info. The topic...
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    Making cast iron piston rings

    According to this site, it seems nodular iron would be the obvious choice : Difference of gray cast iron and ductile cast iron Tensile strength is important when spreading the ring over the piston crown before it drops into the groove. If a ring survives that, I don't think it matters what it...
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    source of scale spark plug wire for hit and miss models

    The wire is actually silicone insulated test probe wire and is very flexible and easy to position on an engine.
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    Making cast iron piston rings

    I agree. 1100deg works better. I had less ring breakage on installation. My first dozen or so rings were done using 1400 deg. as Trimble recommended. Then I started on Lee Hodgson's 9 cylinder radial where he recommended 1100 deg. Ring survival was better; even the very fragile oil...
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    Making cast iron piston rings

    I have made about 50 cast iron rings for 1" cylinder bore using the George Trimble method as detailed in SIC Magazine. The learning curve was a bit steep but once I began to follow the instructions exactly as George wrote them, I had good success. Shortcuts are bad. Critical needs include...
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    Select 816 B Lathe Acquired

    The lack of sight glasses on the spindle bearing housings makes me think the intended lube is grease.
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    My Drill Chuck Keeps Falling Off

    If the fit is reasonably good, put a dab of Loctite( any kind) on the degreased male taper and tap it into the chuck body with a soft hammer. 24 hrs. cure time and problem solved. WOB
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    The Modular Tower Engine - a new, experimental design
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    Micrometer Stand

    If you plan to make a mic stand, remember that it needs some weight and height for best usability. I made one years ago out of scrap that was small and light and I thought it was all I needed. I never found it satisfying to use, but carried on. I stumbled on a used Mitutoyo 156 on ebay...
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    carbide inserts where are you buying them

    I bought the last batch here: Inserts For Sale | Carbide Depot Shop Online Have not bought any in years so cannot comment on current prices. WOB
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    Parting tool chatter

    A rigid toolholder is not a cure for a flexible compound/cross slide arrangement. The best you can do is make sure the tool holder is centered on the compound to cross slide pivot axis, minimize tool overhang, sharp tool, and tighten the compound gibs. Try setting the tool a little above...
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    Boring 6" (150mm) deep .

    Option A. Black pipe does not machine nicely. Make the sleeve out of 12L14. Finish bore before inserting in alum. block. No need for a press fit. Just make it easy push fit and coat with Loctite 638 or similar. That way no distortion of bore on insertion. WOB
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    You will find that silicon carbide wheels for grinding carbide are essentially useless. They will cut, but do a bad job. Save your money for a diamond wheel and you will get all the benefits of a "Baldor" style tool grinder. WOB
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    How tight??

    On a Bridgeport, many users remove the "locating pin" because it is unnecessary and a PIA when inserting an R8 collet. Mine has been out for many years and I have never had a collet spin in the taper because I always tighten the drawbar properly. WOB
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    2 cycle rotary valve engine

    It is easy to limit RPM. Just throttle the engine with an undersized carb. It will also aid starting. WOB
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    2 cycle rotary valve engine

    IMHO, your valve timing is conservative and won't develop max power. This site Model Engine Tests has a multitude of engine tests. Some of the tests contain specs of the valve/port timing. WOB
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    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    This is incorrect. Gunsmiths use Cerrosafe for chamber casting. It is not the same material as Cerrobend. Cerrosafe is not suitable for bending as it does not expand sufficiently on cooling to grip the ID of the tube. Cerrobend does expand and makes bending easy on annealed brass and...
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    Model Aircraft Engine Refurb

    This article might help; :: Restoration of model engines WOB