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  1. enderw88

    Machining a clearance for a flywheel

    I see how that would work. I had this crazy idea about adapting a fly cutter. I guess it wasn't so crazy.
  2. enderw88

    Machining a clearance for a flywheel

    I have seen a few builds across the interwebs that have a very slick flywheel clearance machined into their bases. I have been racking my brain trying to figure a setup to machine a feature like this on a manual mill or lathe. Obviously the easy way is to just hog it out to constant depth, but...
  3. enderw88

    New member from Tucson AZ

    New guy fro the outskirts of Tucson. I have a 1952 Clausing 12" lathe and a little Sherline mill. I have built cars and motorcycles from scratch and enjoyed machine custom parts for them. I built a few steam wobblers back in the mid nineties. I was a US Navy Nuke and have this idea of...