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  1. Foozer

    Mathematical question

    Have always liked your post - Missed you while you were away. So a plus 1 when the mover is outside the fixed and a -1 for when the mover is inside the fixed?
  2. Foozer

    Mathematical question

    Where Grandas head is at with this circle thing . I have grandkids 7-15 years. I like to use and encourage them to find the pattern in things - Simple Pattern - So in circle query what is actually moving around the center point of the fixed circle is the center point of the moving circle. If the...
  3. Foozer

    Mathematical question

    This old man is not to bright with math - But would the pattern be Circum A / Circum B ?
  4. Foozer

    New 3D Printer. . . Have no clue what to do.

    ABS? That's Brave . . . Never printed the Benchy - Done the PID tuning [temp now stays +/- .5 degree - Calibrated the Extruder Steps [way off out of the box] So why not a Benchy . . . Matterhackers MH Build. Have tried other stuff - - Just have to pick one and i like that stuff, prints well...
  5. Foozer

    New 3D Printer. . . Have no clue what to do.

    Ender 3 For the times forgotten to set sketch to metric - Barbarian Plugin Aqua Net and Isopropyl Alcohol are your friends - Spare nozzles, drive belts, stock fans, tubing fittings and tubing for those times when - Print a few dozen tetris blocks - Save the accuracy fiddling for later. Print...
  6. Foozer

    Ban on small engines in California

    As it Says . . .
  7. Foozer

    Sudden Problems With my Printer

    Ender 3v2 I just level the bed with a piece of paper [Slight drag] Lite bed spray with Aqua-Net. Layer Height .2 Initial Layer height .2 Initial Layer Line Width 120% [Extra Squish] Initial layer Speed 30 Example: PLA 1.2mm wall - No Brim, sticks fine.
  8. Foozer

    Meh - Just a little clean up

    dnalot said: That would be me, here is my Bobcat That's a bit bigger than my 22 pound puddy tat
  9. Foozer

    Meh - Just a little clean up

    The business of "Domestic Management" I like that..
  10. Foozer

    Meh - Just a little clean up

    Yet it always works out, the bride got a new kitchen and I got a couple gallons of floor paint. She has her floor and I have mine - Just so long as I remember those special words "Yes Dear"
  11. Foozer

    Meh - Just a little clean up

    A year and some months later - Not as shinny, stains here and there, still easy to sweep and most of all still doing the job of reducing the amount of chips carried into the house. Course the 'Bride' can still find other faults to point finger at me to which I always say- Thanks for pointing...
  12. Foozer

    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    Fusion - I don't really make things, just like to do things. Getting a fundamental working knowledge of Fusion is a 'Do Thing' This new do thing is PCB. First bite was with Eagle, then noticed Fusion has PCB functionality and coupled with it's ability to G-Code, Hey, another bucket list 'Do...
  13. Foozer

    Fathers Day

    So Pop passed some four years ago but still can hear 'Where's my tools!' Hey Pop, found it and made a new box for it [how hard can making a box be?] She may be old, I can remember it for as long as I can remember and she still reads 1.00 from the gauge block. So Pop, I may not know always where...
  14. Foozer

    Just a Simple . . .

    Extra piston/cylinder pieces showed up in the mail I'm just a tad slow - Have made three center sections afore it dawned on me - Ah use a scrap piece to get the O-Ring width depth set, it'll go quicker . . . So once that was found, no more breaking the cylinder pushing it over the O-Rings...
  15. Foozer

    Just a Simple . . .

    Thought I'd take an existing plain model and change it up a bit for the grand-kids to play with. A simple Sterling. Started and ended up with And of course, just needed a little tweaking - Pop goes the piston tube - Proving once again, Fat Fingers defeat simplicity every time . . .
  16. Foozer

    Something Simple, Something Groove . . .

    Getting a little wet out in the Pacific Northwest, thought I'd give a simple Sterling a try. Use a made tool to make a tool . . To make a tool . . . To cut a groove . . . For the O-Rings to go in . . . Oh Boy -
  17. Foozer

    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    "the next 15 minutes searching for that button" When in the sketch workplace, hit the 'S' key to pull up the Sketch Shortcut Menu - enter desired term e.g. Sweep - into the search box. Language challenged that I am most of the terms in Fusion I had to look up to find language that made sense...
  18. Foozer

    Beam Engine (or so is the plan)

    Made another piece, actually two but we won't talk about the first one and not so sure I like the second one. Cutout four of those from 1/2 inch flat stock, shaped em to rough size 10 degree taper, J-B Weld two pieces together then tried a dremel 1/4 ball to do the final shaping...
  19. Foozer

    Meh - Just a little clean up

    After a few days to let the paint setup, time to put stuff back. Course 'bout half the stuff yarded out went into the back of the truck for a dump run. You collect stuff thinking you'll need it only to crowd yourself out of what used to be a comfortable environment. Floor sweeps up much nicer...