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  1. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    Do you know if they are the same as len Blackmoors book could they be used together. you know
  2. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    Thanks for getting back to me, looks like you made a good start. Any particular parts to be aware of that you can think of. like
  3. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    Hi are you home yet and have you made a decision and have you any pictures of the engine. Bob
  4. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    I to have the book but I like drawing sheets in the workshop. As for CAD I have tried in the past and it’s beyond me. A pencil and a bit of paper does me fine.
  5. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    Thank for that I will look into it.
  6. bobden72

    My Jerry Howell v-twin (s/n #599) has sprung into life

    Great job I can see you are pleased as you should be.
  7. bobden72

    ozzie46s H9

    Great job and sounds great.
  8. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    OK no rush waiting to hear from you. Bob
  9. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    What sort of problems have you had with the valve gear? Would you consider selling it and have you any pictures of it. My email is [email protected] If you want to correspond and send pictures. Bob
  10. bobden72

    Wanted Bentley BR2

    Hi all am gathering materials to build the Bentley BR2 rotary engine, have the book by L K Blackmore but was wondering if anyone has a set of drawings for the said engine. On that line has anyone started one and it is now lingering under the bench unloved and would like to sell it or parts on.
  11. bobden72


    I am looking to make a Steam Siren for my traction engine. Can anyone point me in the direction of some drawing for one please. Tried goggle but nothing comes up. Thanks Bob
  12. bobden72

    Hold a gear for cutting?

    As you did before make a mandrel to fit the gear blank but long enough so when in the chuck the cutter will not touch the chuck. You will also need a support on the outer end to make it rigid, very much like a tail stock.
  13. bobden72

    A new attempt at making piston rings

    Hi do you know of a ring math calculator for mac
  14. bobden72

    Werowance attempts Myfordboys traction engine

    Looks like a fine bit of silver soldering, well done.
  15. bobden72

    Forrest Edwards radial 5

    My solution is simple, I just connect it to a 25amp 2 volt battery, and no problems with plugs burning out.
  16. bobden72

    Les Chenery's Monosoupape

    I am interested.
  17. bobden72

    The ENV aero engine

    Sounds great loving the rope.