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    Wanted WANTED in Maryland: Die filer- castings/advice.

    Thanks guys for the advice. mcjustis, lovely machine. What electric motor and speed controller did you use? It looks quite tidy and I like the fact that you can slow it to a crawl. I gather it is a short stroke filer. Does that compromise its use? Are the instructions for the MLA machine online...
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    Wanted WANTED in Maryland: Die filer- castings/advice.

    Looking for die filer. I will consider an old machine that I can restore, a casting kit (finished/unfinished) or scratch build recommendations. Advice on what to look for and fair values. Also I'm new to the hobby and would love to find mentors in Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania. Thank you.
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    Collets for Enco 92010 lathe.

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here and this is my first post. I would like to learn from those more experienced than I, and get some informed feedback. Thank you in advance. I have an Enco 92010 lathe with a 3 jaw chuck. I also have an Enco mill that takes R8 collets. The chuck has too much...
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    Metal stock for sale

    Hello. I am interested in the metal and live about 150 miles away. I sent you a note to your E Bay add, I'm not sure you got it. Please PM me and we can work out details. Thanks.