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    Threading and the compound angle.

    I usually have the top slide set at 27.5, as most of the threads I cut are Whitworth form. Also, the top slide is fitted with the GH retracting device. V.useful.
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    Compressed air safety

    in the UK air compressor tanks are designed to typically EN286 and the HSE web site sets down how the equipment should be cared for. The air compressor I have is made by Swan and has an epoxy coated internal surface. Made to ASME standards GR
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    Monotube Flash Boiler Design

    Attached is a copy of a tensile test report on a piece of 'standard' copper sheet I had carried in 2013. As vk7krj suggests, graceful is a nice description Shows the very elastic nature of copper.
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    thanks Neil, The compound slide is a George Thomas retractable top slide. the Z scale as fitted sometime ago and glass was the dominant choice. the cross slide needs the magnetic strip with the smallest reading head the Machine DRO now supply. I only fitted this back end of last year.
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    hopefully they did this time.
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    Jim I have uploaded some photos, I think. The longitudinal DRO is a glass scale from Arc Eurotrade and the cross slide is a magnetic tape job from Machine DRO. Both work very well and I can still use the taper turning attachment. Using the DRO means the angle can be set very accurately and...
  7. IMG_2453


    Myford S7 longitudinal DRO
  8. IMG_2455


    Myford S7 cross slide DRO
  9. IMG_2457


    Myford S7 longitudinal DRO
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    Myford S7 DRO Modification

    I have fitted my S7 with DRO and taper attachment. The longitudinal read out is attached to the front.