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  1. kvom

    2024 Indiana model engine show

    Despite a weekend trip to NYC the weekend after and leaving for a cruise at the end of the month, I have booked a trip for this weekend as well. Staying Saturday night at the Hyatt Place in Ft. Wayne where I stayed one night a couple of years ago. Too late for minor league baseball in Ft...
  2. kvom

    1867 Otto Langen Engine

    Back in the far past I had a "carbide cannon" toy that would make a loud bang when the gas produced by some wet powder was ignited by a spark. In the army when on the rifle team, we used carbide lamps to darken our sights with the smoke.
  3. kvom

    1867 Otto Langen Engine

    A beauty and a great runner
  4. kvom

    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    Parts that are profiled and do not require milling on both sides of the stock can be separated by the width of the profiling tool and be retained by stock at the bottom, which is then milled off in a separate op. Alternatively the stock is glued to a fixture block and separated later. Or if...
  5. kvom

    Question about putting VFD on a step pulley mill.

    I have a '62 BP and keep the belt on the middle of the pulley. I've never needed to move it in 16 years. It's fine to overspeed these motors for short periods of time. For slower speeds needing torque I use back gear and reverse. I removed the power switch and control the...
  6. kvom

    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    The jig for sawing the round bar lengthwise is something worth remembering. 👍
  7. kvom

    another Muncaster #9 Joy's Valve Engine, 2/3 scale, bar stock

    Interesting variation on the reversing shaft. Well done.
  8. kvom

    Wanted 4" milling machine vise

    I have a 4" Kurt vise (actually 2) that I'll sell for $200 each plus shipping. Used and could used a cleanup, but no holes drilled into them. Comes with regular steel hard jaws and a pair of aluminum soft jaws.
  9. kvom

    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    Usually those once-in-a-lifetime events happen more than once, so it's a good thing to get rid of those tree limbs now.
  10. kvom

    Muncaster Joy Valve Steam Engine 1/2 scale

    Even sounds like mine. :D
  11. kvom

    Muncaster Joy Valve Steam Engine 1/2 scale

    Now that all the motion parts are complete you can check the timing and adjust the valve movement. Looks like the hole in the side of the base to anchor the bottom of the reversing mechanism is still TBD.
  12. kvom

    Muncaster Joy Valve Steam Engine 1/2 scale

    FWIW, I used Loctite for the rods while the rockers were aligned on a surface plate. You could pin them afterwards, but really not needed.
  13. kvom

    Muncaster Joy Valve Steam Engine 1/2 scale

    If the piece was completely into the collet the "belt" would help resist bending.
  14. kvom

    Joy's Valve Simulation, by Simon Fraser, enhanced by Peter Lawrence

    If you like I can reference part dimensions on my engine; I assume they would scale.
  15. kvom

    Muncaster Joy Valve Steam Engine 1/2 scale

    My engine runs very well without rings and with less accuracy in diameter. Your fabrication method is cool.
  16. kvom

    Muncaster Joy Valve Steam Engine 1/2 scale

    I built this engine full size from casting 8 years ago. Here's the build thread. Joy's Valve Gear Horizontal Engine I made a SolidWorks model of the engine as well. Another user made a reduced model from bar stock and modeled it in Rhino. There are several articles in ME provided by...
  17. kvom

    3D cad design sequence

    When making an assembly, the initial part selected is fixed. Any motion in the assembly is relative to the initial part. However, when making assemblies from other assemblies, the included assembly needs to be marked flexible so that the base part can move relative to the other assemblies...
  18. kvom

    3D cad design sequence

    I don't design in 3D but rather convert 2D plans to 3D parts in order to check fits and dimensions, and then to output DXF files for CNC machining or STL files for 3D printing. That said, there's something to be said for using this technique on an existing plan set in order to learn 3D CAD. As...
  19. kvom

    3D cad question

    With SolidWorks I just draw a random-sized rectangle and then dimension each side afterwards.
  20. kvom

    Mark's Monitor Build

    The ship was likely not intended to steam in reverse for very long, so cutoff was deemed unnecessary.