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    Seal in Cat

    That crawler chassis looks pretty awesome. Do you have any other pictures of the build? Anything next to it for scale?
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    Starting with the Boll Aero 18

    I mixed my own. John Deere starting fluid, kerosene, castor base 2 stroke oil. Equal parts
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    Starting with the Boll Aero 18

    I wouldn’t really call it “difficult”, it’s really just basic machining. Most important thing is watching tolerances of mating parts and keeping those fits good. Drawings are good although I did make a few changes to suit. Mostly to the prop mounting.
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    Starting with the Boll Aero 18

    I didn’t make a lap for the cylinder or piston. My lathe is pretty clapped out so it cuts on a taper(which somewhat worked to my advantage on this). I did hit the surface of the cylinder with a fine grit ball home and then ran a 1/2” buffing wheel on the Dremel with some polishing compound...
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    Starting with the Boll Aero 18

    Since this thread popped back up. Here is a pic of a Boll Aero that I recently completed.
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    Let's make a 4 cylinder flat

    Are you going to do the “front/back” timing belt again or attempt to get it all in the front “Subaru style”?