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  1. cwelkie

    ’Rolssi’ a 1936 vintage 4-stroke engine of Finnish origin.

    Nicely executed interesting design. Great result!
  2. cwelkie

    Hello from Finland

    Hello Matti. Welcome to the group here. You have shared some beautiful projects already! It will be fun to tell my wife what I heard from Finland today (she was born in Mikkeli). Charlie
  3. cwelkie

    1898 Nash Two Cylinder Build

    Excellent progress on a nice engine - thank you for sharing your journey. PM Research lists both 14 and 16 gauge cloth insulated wire on their website in case that is of any interest.
  4. cwelkie

    It's a Boy!!

    Congratulations Lars! All your perseverance has paid off and you can enjoy sorting out the details knowing that it will run.
  5. cwelkie

    Question about putting VFD on a step pulley mill.

    Based on my experience with installing a VFD on a Hartford (another Bridgeport clone), you will still have to change pulleys and range. I didn't change the OEM motor so don't have the torque needed for lower speeds. Even a modern "gold plated" VFD specific motor would not likely cover the full...
  6. cwelkie

    My Jerry Howell v-twin (s/n #599) has sprung into life

    Thank you for sharing your journey on this project Andrew. Excellent result. Looking forward to your starter and tank solutions for selfish reasons ... a set of drawings and the small parts set are on a shelf in my shed.
  7. cwelkie

    Carburetor with glass jar fuel-tank as a single unit

    These are the ones I used on my Duclos Odds 'n' Ends engine ... the 30mm x 30mm size. Charlie
  8. cwelkie

    Different spark plug material!

    It may be a micarta moulded rod - a common insulation material from years gone by. I've only used small pieces of it over the years as they came to hand. One piece ended up as the ignition distributor body and cap for my Aeronca E113 model. Here is a link to a site selling what you may have...
  9. cwelkie

    Starter for radial engine (Edwards 5)

    That is funny! I guess you haven't been spending enough time in vintage "aeroengine world". They were a very innovative response to "there has to be a better way". Charlie
  10. cwelkie

    Starter for radial engine (Edwards 5)

    Another option is to make a "Hucks starter" style of hub that can be driven by a matching dog in a drill/driver. It provides a very solid connection that disengages easily once the engine starts. I've used this approach to good effect on 1/4 scale Cirrus and Anzani engines. Of course, this...
  11. cwelkie

    Root&Vandervoort with Magneto

    Great result John! The changes you made are a good addition. It's nice to see another engine running on one of your magnetos! Charlie
  12. cwelkie

    Anzani "Y" engine 1/4" scale

    I believe John Chenery ran his engine with a 20x8 propeller and saw 3000+ rpm. When purchasing a propeller be sure to check hub thickness and diameter. In my experience many are much to thin to use with fabricating spacer(s). That would look odd, in my opinion. Also, be aware that with the...
  13. cwelkie

    Small digital tach

    Vietti - One option would be to try a "Tiny Tach" or similar. They use an induction pickup from the spark plug lead (just a couple turns of small gauge wire). I don't recall if 'Tiny Tach' has a single cylinder option or not ... If this is going to be on a hit 'n' miss engine a digital tach...
  14. cwelkie

    Elmer's no 29

    Very nice engine! It is one of the more challenging "Elmer" designs and yours looks good. I'm sure it will run nicely too.
  15. cwelkie

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Simply beautiful ...
  16. cwelkie

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Inspiring result Terry. You certainly do have the painting down pat ... on top of all your other capabilities! Charlie
  17. cwelkie

    Ohrndorf 5 Cylinder Radial

    You are a very patient fellow with results to prove it! A lot of hours but you are achieving your expectations and standards.
  18. cwelkie

    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    Yes indeed - they did turn out well. Glad you are happy with the result (we can be our own worse critics).
  19. cwelkie

    What do you think?

    That is a wonderful setup Luke. Something to be proud of. You certainly have the "casting bug" and turn out high quality work. Charlie
  20. cwelkie

    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    I too have had good success with Brasso as a polish on valve seats. It made a significant difference on both aluminium and steel seats with stainless valves for me ... more than I'd expected. So much so that if I can turn the valve guide and seat in the same setup, a polish with Brasso has...