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  1. john_1

    New member / Identify unknown lathe part

    Could this be what you are looking at?
  2. john_1

    Micrometer won't turn on

    Sorry reside in UK not sure who manufactures in US. However Starrett list PT61120 STARRETT BATTERY CR2450N 3V LITHIUM as recommended for their micrometer. .
  3. john_1

    Micrometer won't turn on

    Stick with batteries manufactured in the US or EU. Batteries coming out of China never seem to have the staying power or even work in the first place.
  4. john_1

    Can We Talk CAM Programs?

    Hi For many years I have used CNC mills/routers powered by Mach3. I use Qcad to create the .stl file and then use a program called GWizard E ( to ensure the gcode is good for Mach3.
  5. john_1

    My Favorite Thread Calculator -Any thread you can dream up.

    Thanks, was not aware of this site. I to have occasion to produce high pressure lines in past have resorted to calculator and machinist handbook.
  6. john_1

    Hello from Wales

    Hi All, I come from Chelmsford UK been an engineer all my working life, now aged 70 retired have decided to get back to model engineering. Just purchased a Chinese mini Mill and Lathe. First job strip clean and inspect all parts then carry out repairs and modifications, finally a proper...