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    Harbor Freight / Rong Fu Improvements (HF #33686 Round Column)

    This is a modified Drill press that I se for a mill, with all mods it will handles a 2.5" face mill in mild steel, most of my milling is in aluminum. The finale Fine feed mod was the spring loaded cam for easy milling to drill press change over. if interested if have autocad drawings for the...
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    Melting aluminium sheet metal comparison.

    I think I'll pop in here, I process automotive power train parts into ingots for the Hobbest and ship allover the US I have shipped some outside of the US but the shipping triples the price. I have processed 30,000 lbs in the last 5 years shipped i 40 lb boxes. I started my foundry when...
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    Harbor Freight / Rong Fu Improvements (HF #33686 Round Column)

    if any one would like a fine feed for the quill on these early HF mill drills, I made one for mine and I have the prints if any one would like them. Art B
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    Temperature of the exhaust of model engine

    I work with youth quite a bit in and around my foundry I talk about safety when pouring , one of my things is footwear that is leather, and no laces. ( i do mostly aluminum) That said there are those that wear sandals, tennis shoes etc. they may gainsay the the need for functional foot wear...
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    The last ten years before I retired I worked as a commisioning agent in the HVACR and Electrical systems, I had to write the tests to verify that the system would work as intended(not necessarily as designed) If you want to find out if somithing will work as intended you test for the negative...
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    How to tune a foundry oil burner

    fuel flow is a product of pressure across an orifice, increasing the pump speed puts more oil in a small space increasing the pressure. The flow rate through the nozzle is a pressure difference. the answer above is more oil volume which increases the pressure untill the new volume from the...
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    How to tune a foundry oil burner

    The problem with any burner that is red hot is that it is acting as a firebox, the reason for the blue flame is that the oil has been completely vaporized and has substantial amounts of excess primary air. A burner by definition is a device that atomizes the fuel, mixes it with sufficient...
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    How to tune a foundry oil burner

    Pat; on your going to the pressure nozzle, bear in mind that the atomization compressed air is providing about 20% of the needed combustion air. you may find that the flame w ill be forming further into the furnace, the pressure nozzles come in different cone shapes I think you will find the...
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    Unsatisfied !?

    My son and I have had this discussion a few times. He is a precision CNC machinist we agree that the level of perfection should be based on the function of the part, I cast and machine so my parts are never to the perfection level that he is used to. He has worked on things like the optics...
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    Over packaging

    I ship 42 lb boxes of aluminum ingots from melted engines in the USPS medium boxes. I ship about 4 tons per year. I tape all corners both directions with FIBER REINFORCED tape. They look like Fort Knox but even then once in a while I have one that doesn't survive shipping . They will...
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    Home Foundry

    Here is a few pics of the furnace firing 1 with the furnace after the metal is melted, the other 2 are cold fire running about 60%, if i closed it this would have smoked due to not enough air. Art B
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    Home Foundry

    The residential Natural gas system is limited at about 600,000 BTUH ( 4.25 GPH diesel) that the meter will actually pass. In order to get that flow you need to have a very short piping run. Most NG utilities wont put a higher pressure system in residential. On my furnace as I run the Propane...
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    Home Foundry

    I use waste oil for my scrap processing furnace, The 2 burners have a small (60,000 BTUH) adjustable propane burner built into the combustion air for the waste oil, the propane flame surrounds the nozzle for stable cold furnace ignition and shuts off when the furnace temp gets to the 750F...
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    Focus on something .

    For me I tend to repond only to topics that my input may be of help, Those areas are combustion (Burners) and electrical controls systems (Arduino or other PLC) I am a intermediate manual machinist with a son that runs a cnc shop. The interesting thing is that the largest influence in my...
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    Engines and Electronics

    you might try earth grounding the buss, it appears that the buss is floating, Art b
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    Engines and Electronics

    Are all the ground points tied together at only one end. if you have multiple ground points you can have current running through wiring in the opposite direction of the intended signal this can generate package drops in SPI Bluejets is rite about the ignition systems. My next venture with...
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    Forced Air Diesel Fuel Burner

    Steam chick. Your boiler explanation is good. our melting furnaces are actually combustion chambers as we tend to fire the furnace completely full of flame. Co ignition temp is about 1100F, most boiler combustion chambers are refractory lined and will maintain a temp above Co's ignition...
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    Forced Air Diesel Fuel Burner

    I'll chime in here in a couple areas, The compressed air's only purpose is atomization, fuel flow is based on the pressure between the fuel line and the area right in front of the nozzle the siphon effect is a by-product of the atomization process. I run my burners with 6 to 8 psi on the oil...
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    Propane ribbon burner hot enough to melt pig iron?

    As i expalained in another thread, the flame temps most often quoted are a perfect mix of air and fuel with 0% excess air. In reality any of our burners will have some excess air, this excess air reduces the delivered flame temp. Weed burners normally draw as much as 200% excess air as thy...
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    Flame temperature of Propane vs Oil

    The servos are connected to the oil needle valves and vary the firing rate on the oil. it takes full fire to get the melt done in a reasonable time frame 140 lbs in about 25 minutes once the furnace gets to 1000f. but then i need to back the burners off to keep the furnace from over heating...