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  1. JohnBDownunder

    First and Third Projection Symbols

    Green twin, here in Australia we went metric 1966 I think? Memory fails in stuff it seems to deem unimportant but weirdly whilst I use metric my grey matter will look at 75mm and tell me "About 3 inches". Similarly with 150mm 6" 300 foot. This I think just gives me a mental image of stuff.
  2. JohnBDownunder

    First and Third Projection Symbols

    This old fella went to school where we drew, Plan (looking Down), Side elevation (Looking from the side you place the sketch). Then, Front and or Back elevations. Model club member explained 3rd angle to me as putting the part in a bowl then when you slide the part up either side, back or front...
  3. JohnBDownunder

    Another Aussie

    Welcome to the forum als54. I run all my small, "steam" engines on compressed air. In fact some will happily run on an air-brush compressor (the really small cylinder volume ones). Steam regulations are to my understanding undergoing yet another review and I'm sure there is a minimum boiler...
  4. JohnBDownunder

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    Always a good feeling when they run, even better if first time after making. Joly good!
  5. JohnBDownunder

    New member

    Hmm, I just did a search for Finger Engine plan and got several hits. Top of the list on my computer were images › finger-engine-plans Wobbler engine you will get results with "Oscillating Engine" Proper name I guess...
  6. JohnBDownunder

    The North Pole

    Seems to me that nobody has yet mentioned that the sun rises in the east - sets in the west so facing 90deg away will be near enough north - south even on the equator. Just to give you a clue? Oh, here at Latitude: -38° 08' 49.60" S it rises over the left end of my neighbour's roof peak in...
  7. JohnBDownunder

    Flathead hit and miss engine???

    Brian, Your mention of Log Tables and slide-rules brings back memories of using both during my Secondary Tech School days. Still got the slide-rule and (I think?) the log tables. Rarely used them in working life as a textile dyer. Calculators on the desk ruined my already shaky mental...
  8. JohnBDownunder

    My Flat Head Hit Miss Engine

    Gotta agree that this engine looks good, runs good, and sounds good. Like a hit and miss should sound (in my biased opinion.) 😉 ps. I'm old enough to remember the local wood man bringing his way, "dangerous" (long before OH&S) saw driven by a hit and miss engine to saw big logs in our backyard...
  9. JohnBDownunder

    Flathead hit and miss engine???

    That is the way I made my one and only valve so far Brian. It was for an air powered Hit n Miss that ran really well. Hitting and missing beautifully UNTIL I pulled it apart to paint it pretty. Plans were from Brian Rupnow. Here it is before painting, a bit of wobble in the flywheel tho. John B
  10. JohnBDownunder

    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    Looks fun Zeb, Jack up the rear end and the big wheels (Fly-Wheels?) could spin merrily whilst going nowhere. :D A challenge to machine and get right.
  11. JohnBDownunder

    Make & break wont run

    Interestingly, I could not see the first video just hear the sound. The YouTube link worked a treat tho. Jolly good, John B
  12. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    Oh Well, looks good. My only suggestion would be that perhaps swapping to countersunk bolts in the brass rings would improve the look? I really like it, congrats, John B
  13. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    Yeah, Well now we all want to see it running OR not. Pretty Please. Well at least I do, probably shouldn't speak for all who are following. My uneducated guess = a few firing strokes and prolonged miss cycle? John B
  14. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    Thanks again for posting Brian. Your posts are always an interesting read that I look forward to. John B
  15. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    For what its worth Brian, a friend's Farm Boy Hit & Miss needed a new Viton ring after a few, (8hr or so) hour running. He was sure it was mostly the ring polishing the bore during those first hours of running. It has since clocked up 300 - 400 hours as he runs it for the 4 days of our local...
  16. JohnBDownunder

    2 GT belt calculator

    Vietti, As I understand it the easy way for two pulley system is half the circumference of each pulley (probably pitch Dia) plus twice the centre distance between. Certainly works for me with T5 belts. BUT, I usually have a means of adjusting the tension. Yeah I know the belt contact is actually...
  17. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    Thank you Brian for a great read-along post. I find it always worth following your posts and really like the current running video. I do agree that the speed could be slower, glad the extra flywheel weight helped. Congrats, John B
  18. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    That idea sure beats fiddling around and actually changing the tank position just to see if it helps. At least then you know and can vary the wedge to find the so-called sweet-spot. Love reading your build logs. Regards, John B
  19. JohnBDownunder

    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    I am a fan of Blondie Hacks and she is not afraid to show us her mistakes etc. Plus no long winded explanations as a rule.
  20. JohnBDownunder

    'Plastic Wood' equivalent for gunmetal ?

    I am with modelbuff in using JB Weld. I used it to patch an oops on my mill table, (bit too deep with 6mm drill). Clean out the divot (Brake cleaner because I had some) then fill with good old JB. Leave overnight to cure, then a bit of sanding and since JB is grey it blends in with the cast iron...