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    Lubrication for open geared Metal Lathes

    I forgot to mention Cosmoline which is the military version of protection for metal. It's hard to remove after 50 years of storage so maybe not the best for machines that need to run when power is applied. Cosmoline is available in commercial quantities but I prefer modern sprays like Maxi-coat...
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    Lubrication for open geared Metal Lathes

    I skip the medical benefits and use LOCTITE Maxi-coat when I need corrosion protection on automobiles. It's similar to the factory coating used on BMW cars. Our vehicles sit outdoors in all weather so I look for proven commercial products first. Just a suggestion for your consideration.
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    Workshop revision/lathe replacement

    It's nice to see a new machine showing up on this forum. Restorations can save money for the home hobbyist but I wonder of we are giving up more than we gain.
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    Lubrication for open geared Metal Lathes

    Kerosene and Automatic Transmission Fluid is my home brew lube for cleaning and rust protection.
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    Mill Vise Selection Saga...(OMG)

    If you are downsizing to a 4 inch Kurt type consider buying two. Long work pieces supported at the ends of the table is a useful way to clamp effectively. As stated... keep the 6 inch as you never know when a bigger mill becomes available. You can't have too much clamping force when milling, in...
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    Bazmak-Lathe or mill Nylon T nuts/covers

    The T slot filler looks nice but I don't see the value. It's a machine and quick access to the slots is part of the design. A paint brush cleans out the slots well enough so I'm keeping my T slots naked.
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    help council design realization fence in corrugated sheet of my laboratory

    Look for other similar fences in your area for guidance. We set SONO tubes of concrete into the soil so that they are below the frost level which may not be a concern for you. I would consider using stainless square tubing as any steel posts at ground level will rust out quickly. I assume you...
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    Can some one help me

    Watch for a reduced price sale on Bi-Metal (HSS) blades and buy a few. They have an infinite shelf life and when you need a fresh one it's nice to have them handy so that the project doesn't stop. I lubricate my blade with a squirt of WD40 while it is running. This might be VooDoo magic but I...
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    Can some one help me

    I have the classic Horizontal/Vertical 4 inch X 6 inch Metal Bandsaw with 64 1/2 inch bi metal blade. It has cut a lot of stock over the past 30 years and it is still working fine. It's easy to store when not in use.
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    Weiss mill issue.....

    I have a Bridgeport J Head and no problems with any R8 collets.
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    Setting up Shop Questions - from an NZ learner

    I hate to be the one asking this question but what are your plans once your shop is fully set up? Will you start a welding repair business? Any plans for subcontracting small welding jobs as piece work? Your equipment may have excessive productivity for a home workshop. As another project...
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    Setting up Shop Questions - from an NZ learner

    I have found that tack welding both sides eliminates the heat distortion. It's tempting with a jig or table clamps to weld the entire facing surface which introduces heat warping that even the strongest clamps won't prevent. Tack welding, then flipping the piece over and checking for square...
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    New shop finished

    I agree about the benefits of dry heat. We had a stainless box heater on our 37 foot ketch and after a wet ride it was nice to make a fire and dry out while other sailors rushed to the clubhouse for comfort.
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    Tapered thread

    It looks as if the die is dull. Perhaps some cutting fluid will help. I use Chroma Tap but I'm sure that guys on this forum have their favourite cutting fluid for brass. When wrapped in teflon tape I'm sure that your thread will hold and not leak.
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    Shop lights

    At our local COSTCO they sell reading glasses in multipacks. One selection is to compensate for blue spectrum light from computer screens. They essentially are light amber glass so there must be a problem for people who spend long periods at a computer screen. I know that LED bulbs can be...
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    My shop

    Very impressive and very clean too. I'm not familiar with the brand. Do you know the age of this lathe? In the second picture there looks like a milling attachment in the same colour of green. Did it come with the lathe or do you like green paint?
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    Setting up Shop Questions - from an NZ learner

    Over the years, welding splatter will attach to your table top. If you consider the clamps as the negative electrodes then you could place a sacrificial sheet of aluminium foil between the work and the table. Just a thought for your consideration.
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    Husky toolbox as lathe stand

    Congrats on using tool boxes for stands. I considered them after your last update but will stick to my current setup. Instead of a tool chest base I have a steel student's desk that works for my mini-mill. The Myford S7 has the OEM stand and the Bridgeport is the stand. Not enough storage space...
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    Setting up Shop Questions - from an NZ learner

    My welding table is a cast top with T slot milled the full length. I can slide a clamp along the T slot to a position to hold down work to the table. The T slot isn't necessary as mostly the work goes to the clamp so drill and tapping a few holes will be fine. I mounted a vice at one corner and...
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    Does Anyone Weld Their Own Band Saw Blades?

    I have a large metal cutting band saw that has a built-in welder and alignment vice for making blades. I assumed it was for making new blades from a large roll of blade material bought in bulk. I only use HSS blades because of work with stainless and by the time that they break a few teeth are...