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  1. charlesfitton

    jib crane hoist swing boom planning and constructive advice

    ...or you could make an A-Frame to put under the boom when the loads are on the big side..
  2. charlesfitton

    Rudy Kouhoupt's Open Column Steam Engine - Cast & Double Size

    On the other hand, perhaps I should start modelling ruins from the Classical Age (ancient Greece & Rome). ;D ...Ved. Yep - sell them online to the wargamer/fantasy gaming crowd...
  3. charlesfitton

    Unknown Generator

    You have to tell us now!
  4. charlesfitton

    Rudy Kouhoupt's Open Column Steam Engine - Cast & Double Size

    Might I suggest H Greenly's engine? Much better looking...
  5. charlesfitton

    What WW2 hardware would you save?

    X craft Say no more..
  6. charlesfitton

    For Sale: Books

    Shipping from where?
  7. charlesfitton

    Plan drawing programs

    ...and fusion360 is free for students and hobby -type users..
  8. charlesfitton

    Plan drawing programs

    I put about 6 hours into DRAFTSIGHT and realized that I was getting nowhere. Was drawing in 3d using FUSION 360 in less than 30 minutes. Not nearly competent yet and there's still much to learn.. good tutorials (for my non-plastic brain) by this guy...
  9. charlesfitton

    Five Cylinder Wobbler Plans

    All well and good - what does it look like?
  10. charlesfitton

    Brilliant work, excellent video..

    Cannot help but be impressed by this Gents work. One of the best I've seen Get a cup of tea , sit back and enjoy.
  11. charlesfitton


    There's another forum???
  12. charlesfitton

    A Smaller Steam Engine For A Smaller Boat

    [ I have no idea how fast the engine will need to turn to push along a boat. I have never dealt with a propeller....QUOTE] Make the diameter as big as your engine will turn and not pop through the water surface, and with a little less pitch than a paddle wheel...
  13. charlesfitton

    A Smaller Steam Engine For A Smaller Boat

    Very nice work, and I'm sure you'll do a hull to match. Nice to see that engine running so slowly. Seems that so many run the guts out of miniature engines, and all you can see is a blurr.
  14. charlesfitton

    Rope Making Machine Plans?

    but it IS a very interesting thing.
  15. charlesfitton

    Ghosty's "V" Twin

    You only "need" one cam for a V...
  16. charlesfitton

    BA Taps for Stuart Casting

    Where do you live, Ben...maybe someone is nearby..
  17. charlesfitton

    New member from Canada eh!

    As for Stirlings, have you looked at the MORIYA (Dr James A Senfit)? At least it has a purpose...
  18. charlesfitton

    New member from Canada eh!

    Super hispeed steam fellers really push the limits of the never know exactly when the entire engine is going to melt out of the bottom of the boat. Regardless, the engines do have a purposeful beauty to them: (again - I didn't build any of these)
  19. charlesfitton

    New member from Canada eh!

    Best I can tell... Double expanding, single acting, piston-valved attempt at a high speed steam engine. wet sump, and take note I emphasize "not building" I'm more of a tool collecting dreamer.. I just liked the design