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    12v Drill hacked to powerfeed for Mini Mill

    Each controller will be a little different. Generally, one argument against grounding the negative lead of the motor is that it's usually "better" to use the control side of the device rather than just shunting power... the switch has to be big enough handle the full amperage load of the motor...
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    12v Drill hacked to powerfeed for Mini Mill

    I'm not sure that's what I did in the end. I may be able to get a chance to open it up to be sure this weekend but I suspect that the "best method" for the GoBabyGo switch is to disconnect the GND from the pot, which should let the wiper be pulled high through the potentiometer no matter it's...
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    12v Drill hacked to powerfeed for Mini Mill

    I'm pretty sure I just used the pot that came with it. I may have thrown a preetier knob on it but the pot is the same. Ohhh, and I noticed that the "Go Baby Go!" switch isn't listed as a switch... it is. It's a simple momentary push button switch that overides the speed control pot by shorting...
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    12v Drill hacked to powerfeed for Mini Mill

    I definitely wasn't the originator of the idea. It's been around for a while. I'll look around and see what I can dig up for plans, that was actually a few PCs ago, LOL. But, the power feed is still going strong although the motor is feeling it's age. (I overheated it a few times pushing it...
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    my first starrett

    That cap may (??) be a kind of air dampener... I have one with a similar cap and it acts to smooth out the dial a bit.
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    Sieg X2 motor-problem.. SOLVED

    I just got done doing this upgrade last night. What a difference! Mine was simply loosing oomph... I could stop the spindle by hand. I think it's been degrading over time for a while.... seems I was always having to crank up the RPMs to get it not to stall. I could have tried adjusting the...
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    The beginners tool box

    That's exactly what I did.... I want to say I got it for ~$30, it was several editions behind and from the early 80's, which matters absolutely naught as my machining equipment uses absolutely no technology that wasn't available by the early 60's, (1860's?) LOL.
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    Question: What Direction Is Up?

    I'm a sci-fi reader, and when faced with the similar dilemma for directions on a space ship that is spinning to simulate gravity they refer to it as "Spinward" and "Anti-Spinward" Not sure that helps, but if I read the terms I would immediately be able to orient the way you meant, LOL.
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    Old Publications & safety

    Heh, my uncle had a go-cart with a 250CC motorcycle engine on it. It was ungodly way too fast. I loved it. :-)
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    The beginners tool box

    My third tool for the collection I chose mostly for it's sheer versatility. From deburring, to correcting mistakes and even taking the place of many specialty cutters (If you are willing to grunt a little) a general set of hand files can't be beat for overall get-er-done effectiveness. (Stock...
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    The beginners tool box

    My next "tool" is a book... Machinery's Handbook *pocket companion*. About $20, this is much cheaper than the full "Machinery's Handbook" and has almost all the charts and calculations you will need. Sure, the $100 full hardcover book is a great reference, but leave it inside on a nice clean...
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    The beginners tool box

    I've always been a fan of "Dollar stores" or anything that is $1or less, so here is my "Cheapskate drawer" of must have tools. I am considering this a "set" because they all come from the same place...any $1 store! I will limit it to $10 though: 1,2,3 ) Permanent marker. Blue, Red and Black...
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    Cheap Stirling kit (Kids toy)

    I wish I had noticed this earlier..... a stirling model kit for $40 but it's only a one day deal.... hopefully enough time left that someone may get it.
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    Spray Painting on the Cheap

    I can confirm that the Harbor Freight spray gun ( ) works just fine. I got a couple, planing to abuse one with water based latex. It worked great... and seems to have survived the ordeal without a...
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    4"x 6" Bandsaw Mods

    The blade that pops off is probably not tracking 100% right. There's a groups with tons of tips and upgrades on Yahoo. I think the directions I used for blade tracking is in the files section on there. Also, if you are doing it by hand with the...
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    My first shot at scraping

    Nothing much of late. I am in Portland with my in-laws for a while. I will post back when I get another go at it.
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    Overhaul of a 9" SB model "A"

    Were those X2 castings he had? For some reason it liiked like something different... a micro mill maybe? Anyway... still good stuff. I'm glad I finally have enough basics gathered to get started learning it. :-) I feel like it's a skill that will enable some projects I thought were out of...
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    My first shot at scraping

    It already is... within .010 anyway. I also cycled it through several passes in my oven up to 600F and back to room temp too. (Not sure that helped a darn thing.... except maybe that the veg oil I wiped on got baked on to an awesome no-rust coating, LOL.)
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    My first shot at scraping

    Angles always confuse me... I never seem to get what the angle is in relation to. Just to make sure I'm not being dense, I attached a CoC... I want the top one, right?
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    Power Feed for Mill

    You will love the powerfeed! I like the design... I used a drill motor in mine (and it works) but I think it's asking a lot out of the small motor. A windhield wiper should be much more robust and last longer I'd think.