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    All is well in Highland Village, Texas...

    welcome to site lastwagen. if you looking for a first engine to build check out "the e-z engine build" plans can be found on this site an pretty much come with step by step instructions. i build one as my first and only build to date an was happy i picked it as a starting point i have a video of...
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    School me on using annular cutters in my milling machine

    blair makes the ones i use for drilling spotwelds in autobody. they are the very best here in U.S think they also make precision cutters an arbors
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    Rudy's small steam engine

    nothing to brag about here but hey if you a novice like me keep pluggin away you bound to learn something someday. Least thats my plan.
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    Rudy's small steam engine

    dec 9 2021
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    Lil blazer

    nice detail an a cool design Bob. I'm a novice an looking forward to seeing the valve chest and valve setup. Keep us posted.
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    Rudy's small steam engine

    Hello all. After my e-z engine builds first run i dove right into my 2nd build. Heres a couple pics of my progress as of now. I choose "small steam engine" by Rudy Kouhoupt as the main design.
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    e-z engine build first run

    thanks ZebDog.
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    e-z engine build first run

    thanks shopShoe. it is my first engine build. it really was an easy engine build an i would recommend it to anyone looking to build their first engine.
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    e-z engine build first run

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    The humble beginnings of a machinist. hopefully.

    A big thanks to all that contribute to this site. Heres a few pics of my first engine an really my first real machining project.
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    First engine, even if it is only a wobbler.

    thanks for the intrest bushranger. its a humble little project but we all have to start somewhere
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    First engine, even if it is only a wobbler.

    awsome work bushranger! good to see others acomplishments i am also building my first engine "the e-z engine build" from this site an your progress is motivating.