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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Hi, Just a long shot, and I realise there are probably lots of Whitleys in Yorkshire, but might you be related to Joseph Whitley who had an engineering company in the Leeds area, and with his son Jack worked for many years in the 1880s & 90s with a Frenchman Louis Le Prince (who married Joseph's...
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    My first boiler

    I like your "Stuart 504" boiler. I have an original one which I bought at an auction some years ago. On mine the water tubes and steam superheater tube are on a slight slant, being a bit lower at the chimney end - something to do with better circulation I imagine. When I bought it it had the...
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    bowman bryant valveless

    You are not wrong - mine looks exactly like that, and I have no reason to think mine is not an original bowman-brant.
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    bowman bryant valveless

    I never tried to look inside my Bowman - apart from anything else I suspected that the top casing of the cylinders would contain ancient asbestos insulation! You may have seen this article (just about legible) by Basil Harley, which mentions there is indeed asbestos inside. I think my dad must...
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    bowman bryant valveless

    I have one of these - found it in the attic of my Dad's house, along with two brass boilers and some pipework with Bowman type threads. I have had it running in an old fibre glass power boat hull. I have never tested its torque, but it drives the boat very well - it doesn't plane but cruises...
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    Hi Charles, Thanks for your comment. Out of curiosity I wanted to give myself the option of being able to adjust "cut off" (or "cut in") with the exhaust to see if that makes any difference to performance. Also there would be more moving bits for spectators! If it turns out to be unsatisfactory...
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    Hi, I am in London, England, in a district called Balham, and I am starting on a horizontal steam engine to be called the Balham Basher. Cast iron single acting cylinder with a pin on the end of the piston to open a sprung mushroom type valve to let in some steam. Exhaust will be via a port...