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  1. flatbelter

    2 cylinder inside-out steam engine

    Sorry Chuck :( Some times even the pretty ones don't run. It it does look pretty stunning, I'm sure you'll get it straitened out real soon. If making motors was easy, it wouldn't feel like much of an accomplishment. Best of luck, and congrats on the DRO. (I've got one to hookup some time...
  2. flatbelter

    Spark source

    Yes I am! ::) It's the same $30 ignition pictured in the "$30 ignition" thread. They get mixed reviews, but many users seem to bake them with higher than spec voltage. For the price, I thought I would try it. (it's a weight issue, trying to save some oz off an RC plane) Anyway, it looks nice in...
  3. flatbelter

    Spark source

    Thanks Jim, Digikey is a good source for electronic parts and they ship fast too. I only burned one sensor, the second one is still working so far. However the engine has some other issues that need to be fixed before I can try starting again. (prop adapter problems) This is my third run at...
  4. flatbelter

    $30 ignition

    Well I got around to installing one of the electronic ignitions on a modified 26cc Homelite engine. Had to cut the plug wire and solder on a new boot to fit a standard spark plug. That made the braided shield wire a little short. I soldered a bit of copper wire to the shield, ran it around the...
  5. flatbelter

    Spark source

    Yea, about them tiny electric boxes... I just killed at least one pick up, maybe two (hall sensors) by flooding out the engine. Seems flooding the gap on the plug will feed back enough voltage to toast the sensor. (airplane engine mounted upside down.) I don't have that trouble with the stock...
  6. flatbelter

    Hit a hard spot in a casting; what to do?

    If you have a self cleaning oven you can throw the part in and run it through a cleaning cycle. Otherwise, I heat with a torch to a dull red heat, then bury it in dry sand to cool.
  7. flatbelter

    points for a $30 ignition?

    Hi John, I also just received the HK ignition systems and will probably start playing with them today. (projects need to be finished by Sunday don't ya know) ;) Long story short, the hall sensor is just a magnetic switch so it could be replaced with something else. The real question is...
  8. flatbelter

    Drill bit keeps wandering!

    Everyone else has already posted some great advice. A good center punch really makes a difference if you need to get a drill started in the right spot. The other trick is to be sure that you have everything lined up properly. I put a small x/y table on my drill press, probably one of the...
  9. flatbelter

    got a score! a decibels sound level meter, need help with the reading...

    Using the SWAG method The dial set at 50 would indicate 50 decibels at the 0 mark on the scale . Note that the scale ranges from -10db to +10db. So you would adjust the range on the dial to get the sound meter to point somewhere on the scale then add or subtract the meter reading from the...
  10. flatbelter

    Finished I thought

    I used the carbide drill trick on some rocker arm stud balls once to bore from 3/8" to 7/16". (Ford V-8) It was pretty slick, 16 holes about as fast as you could feed the drill press. Nice wall finish too. M-2 tool steel just wouldn't do it, not for lack of trying at the time... I was more...
  11. flatbelter

    Finished I thought

    Yep, carbide is nice stuff, but did you try heat treating (annealing) the ball bearings first? Heat em up then bury them in some dry sand. Will need to be rehardened after machining, and tapping is still iffy... Sounds like a good project, how did you make out? FB
  12. flatbelter

    35pounds thrust pulsejet(thermojet style)

    Hi Ganesh, Nice pulse jet! Sounds great, wish you could get some video at full power. Will it run with four intake (short) tubes? Is there anything hidden inside the combustion chamber? (baffles, hidden tube extensions, flame holders) Amazing what can be done with simple tools and common...
  13. flatbelter

    Bench top Endmill

    I come down on the bigger is better side too, however I had a Sears AA lathe in conjunction with a 16" FE REED lathe, and the small lathe was handy for small items. So perhaps the right tool for the job is a better view. Whatever you have, the better the condition of the machine, the happier...
  14. flatbelter

    Hand Stamped Labels

    I always heard you used a strait edge like a metal ruler or such as a guide. Even better might be to use the ruler and a square to control both vertical and horizontal movement. You're on your own for angular displacements (ie rounds) FB
  15. flatbelter

    Another Engine design question

    Hi Borna, First off, good luck with your engine. Second, I'm more of a high speed engine kinda guy so you may want to double check my opinions. What fuel will you be running on? Is this a hit 'n miss engine? If so you should have no problem hitting your target RPM. If not, how will you be...
  16. flatbelter

    $30 ignition

    I've got two ignition kits coming in the mail. The distributor made it a point to note that anything over 6.0 Volts would toast the electronics. To the point that a fresh battery pack could be trouble. You would think if it was that sensitive they would put in a voltage regulator, but I guess...
  17. flatbelter

    Dear God... let me learn just half what he's forgotten

    ga... maybe if I practice for twenty more years.... and some tool upgrades... Sure is a beauty. Thanks for posting I'm still working on perfecting engines without valves, it'll be a looooong time before I open that can of worms. At least I'm making engines with moving parts now, one step up...
  18. flatbelter

    I need to machine my wedding ring - thoughts please?

    Yea, I tried machining some Ti once, haven't repeated that mistake. >:( Second (or third) on the silicon carbide for edge break. Dremel tool might be OK if your real steady and have some fine craytex. Otherwise wrap some SiC paper over a dowl and have at it.
  19. flatbelter

    15 Hot Work Safety Rules (Foundry)

    I've seen concrete explode twice due to molten metal, it was a small pop, but it can be triggered by somthing as minor as a large blob of hot slag from a cutting torch. It can scatter burning metal a surprising distance. I would hate to think about what a molten metal spill on concrete would...
  20. flatbelter

    Looking for larger model carb design

    Hi Greg, Yea, finding alcohol compatable internals seems to be where most of the fun is. Good to know that there are alcohol compatable parts available. Doubling the area of the jets is easy if you remember that the squareroot of 2 = 1.414 so you just multiply the original jet diameter by 1.4...