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    Searching for Lanz Bulldog 12HL

    I sent and received an E-mail to the dealer in Germany. The response was that no castings for the Hl12 are available. They do have a set of castings (indicated last set) for the Lanz 4 wheel drive. If you have any information on a set of castings for the HL12 that were bought and never machine...
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    Searching for Lanz Bulldog 12HL

    I recently viewed the following U tube: The subject is the showing of a Lanz Bulldog 12HL scale model Bulldog Tractor. I have not been able to find the source of the castings for this tractor. In the past I built a different model of the Bulldog and I have a strong desire to build this 12HL...
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    New member from the Black Hills

    The Black Hills Show is September 23 & 24th 2023
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    Black Hills Model Engine Expo 2023 poster

    Attached is the poster for 2023:
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    Black Hills Model engineering show 2023

    Here is the 2023 poster: Sent from my iPhone I just called Mike Stutz, the show is September 23&24.
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    Wanted Spark Plug boots for 1/4 - 32 Plugs I need a source

    The website will only bring up the items if you use the words: spark plug protection cap.
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    Wanted Spark Plug boots for 1/4 - 32 Plugs I need a source

    The following website sells the spark plug boots. When you get to the website search for sparp plug protective covers. The price is $18 for 12 boots. If you have them sent the cheapest way, the package will take about 30 days to get to you.
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    'Plastic Wood' equivalent for gunmetal ?

    I have used JB Weld on many projects to correct flaws. It bonds well to the surface and can be painted or powder coated.
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    Polignacs Curved Cylinder Engine

    To make the cylinder you need a curved boring bar!!!
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    Polignacs Curved Cylinder Engine

    I built two of the engines from scratch. One with one cylinder and one with two cylinders. I used the plans that were published in Engineering in Miniature.
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    New member from the Black Hills

    CORRECTION: The Black Hills Show is setup on Friday the 23rd, and show 24th & 25th.
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    New member from the Black Hills

    September 23 & 24, Central States Fairground, Fine Arts Building, Rapid City SD
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    Cabin Fever Expo 2022 - 25th

    I am the original sponsor of the Black Hills Show, now retired but still attending. I was at Cabin Fever this year and had a great time. The travel distance between the shows is a lot of driving but visiting the Black Hills can be a rewarding experience. Take the time to get the Black Hills Show...
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    A question about the Nash 25 HP.

    you will need a coil with two high voltage ports
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    Hit or miss engine igniter

    To save a lot of time you can purchase a great coil from De Bolt Machine for a very reasonable price. I have numerous engines powered with these coils and all run very well.
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    WMSTR in 2021

    I will be there with a large display of my engines. This is a great show to attend. To see everything going on plan on two days.
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    ***sold whold kit no longer available****A J Reeves “Mary” model some missing parts

    I want the castings but I cannot find your e-mail address to send you a price.
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    Black Hills Model Engineering Show on for track 2020

    The Black Hills Model Engineering Show will take place on September 26th & 27Th. For more information go to:
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    Wanted Holt Engine castings

    I am looking for two sets of castings for the Holt 4 cylinder. I am aware that Coles was the source, but It appears they are no longer in business and I prefer to buy casting sets from individuals that have been partially machined or still in the box. Will to pay a fair price.
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    Need help with unkown metal

    I am building a two cylinder overhead cam gas engine by Joe Tochtrop. The prints call for Lynite- F.A.O. for a bearing. Anyone know what this is?