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  1. photopro

    Unknown Casting Kit

    I have known the current owner of Coles for many years and reached out to him this morning to update your information. He said: The people before us that were in the movie business are the ones that were foreclosed on. My dad bought it from Betty outright and ran till we lost the foundry...
  2. photopro

    Machining connecting rods and bearing inserts

    A real masterclass in how to make rods and bearings. Thank you.
  3. photopro

    waterloo traction engine .29 scale

    Here is a method I use to mill large radius's. This particular setup is for putting a very large radius inside the axle box on the 1.6" scale Mikado locomotive I built some years ago but will work for smaller parts also. The radius was required so the ends of the axles can independently move...
  4. photopro

    Grub screws

    Try BA Fasteners at BA Fasteners, Imperial Fasteners, Micro Metric Stainless, Small Screws, UNC Square Nuts, Ba Screws, Ba Bolts,
  5. photopro

    Squaring off the bottom of a blind hole

    That makes a fairly good seat for a ball if you are making a check valve. If I don't feel like grinding a single lip cutter for the job, I will use an end mill for this. Doug
  6. photopro

    Another Bill Harris Steam Roller

    Bill Harris was an excellent designer of steam powered logging equipment in addition to the steam roller. I have a signed copy of his book "Logging with Steam" in which he lays out and describes plans for a 2 truck Shay, steam crane, and Falk logging engine. Part of the Shay is a little steam...
  7. photopro

    Machining pillars

    I think it's very clever. The screw on the side may or may not be tapered, but in any case, I would guess it's purpose is to lock the pillars inside the tube by forcing two of them apart which in turn would force all of them to press on the inside edges of the tube. That would lock them in...
  8. photopro

    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    Terryd - Yes. I now have all the information I need. Thank you for your offer though. Doug B.
  9. photopro

    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    Thank you for the offer of the nuts and bolts but I got lucky and found the missing ones yesterday in the bottom of the box I'm keeping the castings in. I had separated them by sizes and put them in little bags. Somehow I missed this one bag in the bottom of the box. When I started this...
  10. photopro

    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    Chris W. was able to provide the parts list I was looking for. I have checked it against the nuts and bolts in the kit and discovered I was missing (4) 5BA bolts. I can work with that. Along with some other files, Gerald Pierce also provided a copy of Model Engineer showing an outstanding...
  11. photopro

    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    Gerald, Your engine is beautiful. I hope I can do mine as well. I especially enjoyed the slow motion part of the video. Yes, I believe a copy of your parts list might be what I am looking for. The parts drawing I have is numbered 90048 and the latest date on it is 18-12-80. The assembly...
  12. photopro

    squaring mill vice on combo lathe mill machine

    These are all good shortcuts, and I have tried them all at one time or another, but I have found the only way to get true accuracy on the vice is to tram it with an indicator. It might seem like a pain, but in the long run it's only a few minutes out of your machining time. A machinists square...
  13. photopro

    Wyvern engine Edgar T Westbury

    Really fine looking work here.
  14. photopro

    Stuart beam engine 1980's parts list

    I have recently started building a Stuart Beam Engine kit that dates from 1985 and am hoping that someone will have a copy of the old parts list for a Stuart beam engine that they would be willing to share. I understand copywrite laws well, and am not interested in violating them, but Stuart is...
  15. photopro

    Cutter grinder

    I have the whole machine in my shop and it's become my best friend. I purchased it a tool auction probably 12 years ago or so. It only took me10 years more to learn how to use it properly from the translated from the Chinese manual that came with it. I subscribe to a forum called The Tool and...
  16. photopro

    Hello from Texas

    Thank you for letting me join this forum. I kind of stumbled on it accidentally the other day, but am glad that I did. The thing that caught my interest is that there is a group devoted to people who build engines from castings. All but one of the various engines I have built were from...