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    Tornado Season is here

    Same here In northeast Mississippi. We narrowly missed being hit by tornadoes the last two weeks. Nine people died, in last weeks storm, just a few miles north of us. We’re keeping a close eye on the radar.
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    1950 South bend lathe restoration.

    when I made the change I didn’t know which side would be best to use, or if it would work at all. Would the belt just slip on the smooth pulley surfaces? I decided to try rib side first and see what happened. That worked so well right from the start that I never tried the flat side.
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    1950 South bend lathe restoration.

    I have a 10” Logan lathe that uses a flat belt. When I got it (about thirty years ago) the belt was missing. I bought the stapling tool to make replacement belts and, what I thought was, a decent supply of belting and staples. After a couple of years of replacing belts I switched to a 1” wide...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Over the past two weekends I added a power feed unit to the Hardinge TM mill. It seems all the after market power feeds are designed for Bridgeport mills. The Hardinge not only does not follow BP design, it has no provision whatsoever for a power feed addition. (The UM version of this mill...
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    What have you been doing today?

    I replaced the garage door opener Friday. The old one (screw-type) still has some life in it but it was getting noisy. Rather than throw it out. today I installed it on the garage-type door of the shop. That door gets opened, I would estimate, less than ten times a year so the opener should...
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    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    I don’t have to put things away to lose them. I can do it while standing at the lathe and not moving an inch. Where is that mic? It has to be within arms reach, but I don‘t see it!
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    HELP, my shop is a MESS

    I like organization but seldom achieve it. I sometimes think a larger shop would be nice (mine is 20’ x 24’) but one must keep in mind the bigger backpack theory; a bigger backpack doesn’t really make for better organization, it just allows more stuff to be collected. I don’t buy more machinery...
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    What have you been doing today?

    I made some more mounting plates for the wood lathe. These things are like woodworking clamps; the number of clamps one has on hand seems to only be sufficient for the project recently completed. The current project will almost always require at least one more. The mounting plates have a 2”...
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    Summer Garden battles about to begin

    It’s actually next to the pool. Would rather have a hot tub than the pool.
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    Summer Garden battles about to begin

    I put up a greenhouselast October in anticipation of getting an early start on gardening efforts this year.
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    What have you been doing today?

    In one of those chicken first or egg events, I acquired a set of DA 100 collets long before I had a use for them, or even anything in which to use them. When I finally got around to making the vertical head for my milling machine, naturally I used the collet on hand. At 3/8” maximum capacity...
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    Horizontal Milling Adapter for a Bench Top Vertical Mill

    I think I have cut gears and racks by just about every method there is except with a Fellows Gear Shaper. With regard to cutting racks I have cut them on my Atlas shaper, using the horizontal spindle on the mill, and with the vertical spindle using end mill cutters reground to an included...
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    Said I would never do it.

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    Inexpensive (cheap) Surface Plate

    I have four surface plates, funny how things accumulate. Two, one cast iron and the other a Starrett granite, see regular use and have permanent location in the shop. The other two are surplus to requirements and are in storage. In keeping with the title of this thread, I’m offering the two...
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    Over packaging

    Online Metals usually packs my orders tight and close but once in while they ship a lot of air along with my order. Amazon is the worst, in my experience, for poor package-to-product ratios, Mike1’s photo being typical.
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    Kinner 5 cylinder radial

    I don’t know how I missed this thread, but I have a special interest in the Kinner radial. Before he joined the Army Air Force and flew in a B24 in WWII, my Dad worked at the Kinner plant building the radials. Many years later I bought my first ‘real’ metal lathe (the Unimat being my actual...
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    Milling Vise Recommendations

    With far too many years of dealing with an inadequate mill vise I finally decided a couple years ago to get a proper vise. And then I saw the prices. Yikes! But after watching This Old Tony’s video on inexpensive mill vises I decided I could do the same and bought one similar to what he...
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    I’m not sure either, but it is my understanding that it’s much like the difference between a violin and a fiddle. There isn’t any basic difference between the machines, or violin and fiddle. The distinction lies in how the machine, or instrument, is used/played.
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    Small digital tach

    As you say, this may be too big for what Vietti has in mind, but hey work very well. I have three of them, one on each metal lathe and one on the wood lathe.