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    Moriya Build

    The finish is awesome, and the case is a nice touch, well done! :bow:
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    dreeves radial 5 video

    WOW!! that slow idle is amazing. very nice! Kurt
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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    To the vids! In the first you will notice the crank throws are at 90 degrees. In the second the throws are at 0, both on the same power stroke, it's a little harder to keep running at slow speeds when set at zero, heavier flywheels would help. The flywheel spokes become visible at slow speeds...
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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    Hi Dave, Thank you for the kind words, I am happy you like it! it was a fun and challenging build. It would have been closer to your design if I had the correct materials. You are welcomed to use the photos and videos as you wish, I would be honored if you added it to your website. Stay tuned...
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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    Thanks Dennis! This is my second engine with zero experience in machining, I don't know if something will work until i try it, to attempt to capture in pictures would be a waste of film batteries :big: I drilled the end of the steel rod, parted off a slice, very much like Firebird (Rich) did in...
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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    Thanks rick! I don't know if Dave would like what i've done with it ::) Thanks phil! Yes, video soon. :big:
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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    Thanks Maryak! I'm afraid the techniques are nothing special, shake n shoot gloss black and a stiff brush for the base and shake n shoot textured flat black for the cyls right out of the can. :-[ Kurt
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    Bashed version of the siamese twins

    Not siamese anymore but still twins. A very bashed version from Dave Goodfellow's plans. The flywheels where made last April along with most of the engine, was able to finnish it over the holidays. The cylinders are 1" aluminum bar, 1.75 long with brass lining. The base is 1/4 plate made to...
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    Miniature fan belt

    Just took apart an old Realistic "walkman" type cassette player, had two black square drive belts .035, the smallest I have found so far. :o Kurt
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    Small Chuck's Single Hit & Miss

    Now that is slick! well done. :bow:
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    1938 "model" WM Briggs and Stratton engine restored

    Great project! sounds like it runs well. The kick start is slick. My avatar pic is a Lauson air cooled, 1929-1934, I just finished the mechanical and need to paint it. Great to see yours run. Kurt
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    110v vs 220v

    Thanks for all the replies that contained usefull info :bow: To the others (you know who you are) thanks for the soda out the nose! :big: Kurt
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    110v vs 220v

    Most of the equipment I have can be run on 110v or 220v, in a home shop environment what are the advantages/disadvantages? For example, the air compressor runs alot develops 5hp :big: runs @ 2hp ::) motor output is 2.25kw (per lable on motor) Kurt P.S. Been away from HMEM since about May...
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    Three of my engines from YouTube

    Great video and great engines, I like the sound of the coke bottle engine, would like to see more when you get unpacked. Thanks for sharing those wonderful engines. Kurt
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    Marine Compound Steam Engine

    What a beautiful engine! and very well displayed indeed!
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    Mini Lathe extension kit from LMS

    No experience but it is on my wish list, did you read through the instructions? looks fairly straight forward, would like to read your review if you get it, maybe someone has done the conversion??
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    quick change tool posts

    YES, that's what I like to hear, I'm going for it!! Brass_machine- I am limited to making round items at this time but that is impressive. I really had no idea the amount of tooling you guys actually make, really amazing!! Millless in VT Kurt
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    Machine taper adapters

    thanks guys for the suggestions. Mixdenny- that is the closest I have seen, i'll see what more I can find out. Bentprop- (is that air or water?) the chuck has a female JT0 taper and the drill press it is to be used on has a male JT33, apparently the chuck is for a jewlers lathe tail stock and...
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    quick change tool posts

    I use feeler gauges i find at flea markets to shim up the cutters in my mini lathe tool holder, I write the gauge thickness on the cutter to save time but the height changes when the tool is ground/modified, would a quick change tool post be a good idea, it looks like they have a knob that...
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    N.A.M.E.S expo

    WOW, I just did a web search for N.A.M.E.S. expo, thats impressive! didn't know there was such an event around here, thats got to be something to see!