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  1. SmithDoor

    New Member from Worcs

    Welcome to the group Dave
  2. SmithDoor

    New Member Here

    Welcome to the group Dave
  3. SmithDoor

    Tee head engine new member

    Congratulations on a job well done. Dave
  4. SmithDoor

    Dieter from Germany

    Looks great 👍 Dave
  5. SmithDoor

    Identification of metal lathe

    It is around 1900 thd built long gone . You need new 3 jaw the is worn out. Dave
  6. SmithDoor

    Hi all

    Welcome to the group Dave
  7. SmithDoor

    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    There is photo on first page. My guess is the feed gears are to close or main spindle ball bearing are to cheap. Both easy to fix. Dave
  8. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    Goid news you can buy that cutting oil from Home Depot by quart . At time my life I would buy high sulfur oil by the drum/55 gallons about every 2 or 3 years. For drilling and tapping steel a hand brushed on using a ¾" paint brush. Dave
  9. SmithDoor

    Cross side extension build.

    The match tap and die so screw fits the nut. The Chinese re-sharpen there taps and adjust the screw to fit. Can be a real pain. So best way is have both and have no headaches. The cost from Amazon or Walmart is under $20.00 My set cost $12.95 from Walmart. FYI I used my old nut and it was...
  10. SmithDoor

    Cross side extension build.

    I did this to Rockwell lathe in 1980's with new cross slide and nut too. It used a ½" LH acme thread. That was a very costly tap it is my tool box today. I would buy the tap and die to gether so match. I found out Chinese is only close on size. I use 12L14 steel for screw. Please post before...
  11. SmithDoor

    Cross side extension build.

    Here photos of the exstension in use. The length is nice and can face a full 8" too. ===================
  12. SmithDoor

    Strange reamer designations

    It is specs for grinding that done to reamer. I had book on numbers and letters on what said. About all I know. All I know if I see that group numbers and letters the ream is a drawer filler. I got some at a auction in pass and money was better spent on buying correct reamers Dave
  13. SmithDoor

    Strange reamer designations

    Odds are they from manufacturing. When I do a lot one size I would the reamer ground to size I need for perfect fit. Dave
  14. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    I have read in gunsmithing books bee's wax for tapping. Try this for tapping oil use upto 1960's {White lead in heavy oil} great for tool steel and stainless great for almost any other tapping or cutting too. Also use on chucks , dies and dead centers. Today they use EZZ products and other...
  15. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    I think how most do. It is just part of hobby. Most machine shops & CNC shops they like low cost water base coolant short cutter life. Screw machine and gear cutting shops like oil base for long cutter life. Dave
  16. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    Old books {before WW one} will till how to make cutting oil. {Lard, sulfur and oil and cooked for hours} then add kerosene. Basically a dark cutting oil with lot of work. Dave
  17. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    The clear is best for wife it is like a after shave . The dark does cut A36 and pipe better but your wife will not like the smell. She will have you stay far far away. It one part most never talked about is smell. Even try pouringa bottle perfume in dark did not help my wife. Dave
  18. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    I just use a small bottle and a soldering brush. The small bottle is great if spill it less to clean up. The bottle is from Christmas gift box Dave
  19. SmithDoor

    Cutting oils

    I just buy from Home Depot and buy clear thread cutting oil. It is simpler, I have read up on Home made and the little use it is simpler just to buy off the shelf. Dave