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  1. gld

    Sold KEEPING - Complete and Clean Set of MODEL ENGINE BUILDER - Issues 1 through 27

    I purchased a set from a fellow at NAMES several years ago for $60. I think I got a bargain.
  2. gld

    Mach4 &PCID

    About a week ago I was testing a file using Mach4. Evening came and I shut the computer off. Next morning I turn on the computer, launch the Mach4 application and start a file run. About 5 minutes in the machine just stopped. I'm thinking oh no, I had this problem once before. Took me several...
  3. gld

    magnum 120 FS repairs

    Hi Peter195124 Go to RC Groups: OS FS 91 Surpass cam bearing removal - RC Groups. Post #8 has pictures of factory tool. Here are pictures of the tool i made. Sending a PM
  4. gld

    magnum 120 FS repairs

    I found a small ID bearing puller on the web several years ago. I was working on a OS 91 FS cam bearing. Tomorrow I will post a picture. It is very easy to make.
  5. gld

    O ring head gasket

    A copper ring will last better than any 0-ring.
  6. gld

    Wind Powered Wood Water Pump

    I've got sound, but no video.
  7. gld

    2023 Black Hills Model Expo

    Hope to be there also.
  8. gld

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    I plan to be there and have a reservation made. Hope to arrive by noon Thursday. Watching the weather reports daily. 1100 miles one way.
  9. gld

    Information about NAMES 2023

    How many shows, where are they, when? Be sure to keep us informed.
  10. gld

    CNC engraving text

    Thanks for all the replies. Got-R-done. As yo can see ,I made a center height gauge for my Sherline lathe. Wanted to make sure that piece did not get returned back to the scrap bin. Plunge rate 1 ipm, feed 2.5 ipm doc 0.003. Filled with red Dykem.
  11. gld

    CNC engraving text

    What feed rate would you CNC 'ers use on these 20 degree v bits? My first attempt finial 0.050" plunge rate 10"per minute. The point broke as soon as it touched the aluminum. Feed rate was set at 30pm. Second attempt finial 0.050" plunge rate 5"pm, feed 15"pm, point didn't last one letter. DOC...
  12. gld

    Zanesville Model show.

  13. gld

    Vickers Machine Gun - An Amazing Video

    That was very interesting. thanks for posting.
  14. gld

    IPhone and working with metal.

    A small piece of masking tape will collect a lot of those chips.
  15. gld

    Black Hills Show 2022

    Well dam, I was hoping Zanesville would be a different week end. My youngest grandson is getting married that week end , so guess where I'll be.
  16. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Well, I finally got the DRO installed :whoohoo: 🤸 and got the chuck disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. Thank you Tom in this video: It was really cruddy inside, and has some outside damage that will not effect its function. As you can see it did have a threaded insert. All I need now...
  17. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    NO. Got to make a clamp to hold the chuck so i can unscrew it. And I'm to busy on working on the DRO.
  18. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    This chuck project will have to be put on hold. I was in the middle of putting a DRO on my Lagun mill and just thought I would get an arbor ordered for this chuck so I wouldn't have to remove the one on my other mill. So back to the DRO I go.
  19. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Turns out someone may have put a threaded insert in this chuck. I'll have to disassemble and see.
  20. gld

    Yard sale find of the year

    Hi Chuck It's threader M12 X 1.25