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  1. Apprentice707

    Hi From Australia,

    Oops, should have read the previous posts. Sorry. I think it is a Myford ML2 but has no rack. Regards B
  2. Apprentice707

    Hi From Australia,

    Looks good John, is that an older British lathe in the background? Regards B
  3. Apprentice707

    How do!

    Welcome TrainMaintainer
  4. Apprentice707

    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    I had a Harbor Freight 7 x 12 lathe on which I changed the mandrel bearings for Timken ones, what a difference in noise level and the run out improved too. Regards B
  5. Apprentice707

    New Guy from Wis

    Good to have you onboard Bug Hunter, Regards B
  6. Apprentice707

    Greetings from Michigan

    Welcome ErikBolvard B
  7. Apprentice707

    G’day from Down Under

    Welcome Rustyles B
  8. Apprentice707

    2024 Florida Flywheelers Show

    Went a few years ago, great day out. B
  9. Apprentice707

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome Ferromelt B
  10. Apprentice707

    Hello from Finland

    Hello Matti, nice work, welcome aboard. Regards B
  11. Apprentice707

    Newby from Sheffield, UK.

    Welcome Peter, My Myford is from 1960 and still going strong. Have a look at AJ Reeves for ideas about engines, also Stuart Models can be helpful. Cheers B
  12. Apprentice707

    Introducing myself as a newbie

    Welcome Wyvern, we need all the younger hands we can get. B
  13. Apprentice707

    First post, Greetings

    Welcome Keith. B
  14. Apprentice707


    Welcome Norman and enjoy. B
  15. Apprentice707

    My Stuart 10H Cylinder has a boo boo.

    I have built a few Stuart Models and lots of my own design. 37 thou is hardly a hanging offence. Bore it true and make a piston to suit. A little more capacity might give you a little more oomph. Good luck Regards B
  16. Apprentice707

    Hello !

    Hello Franco, Welcome to this forum, you will enjoy it! Regards B
  17. Apprentice707

    new member

    Welcome Ray, good luck with the Traction Engine Regards B
  18. Apprentice707

    I'm new here.

    Hello Stan, Welcome to this amazing forum. B
  19. Apprentice707

    Lars from Sweden, 5 engines

    Welcome Lars, looks like you like to keep busy, great models. Regards B
  20. Apprentice707

    New Member, Old Person

    Welcome Martin, Regards B