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  1. werowance

    still learning, what causes this texture

    Thanks BlueJets, on the fine sand part, Growing up my parents owned a comercial pottery which sold plates bowls etc to Parks Belk and other stores. when they retired there were sacks of "silica sand" that was such a fine mesh you were to always wear a respirator when messing with it. back...
  2. werowance

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Brian i will start my own thread about this but i got an early start and so far bad results. glass scores just fine with the diamond drag bit but just wont break the way i want it to. in fact it breaks all over the place. ill keep trying because id like to be able to do this for my self but...
  3. werowance

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Hi Brian, my glass is 1/8 spot on. making a full circle in cnc gcode is alot more dificult than i thought it would be but i finally got it sorted out. hope to test cut some glass tonight. just been testing on scratching an old sheet of aluminum.
  4. werowance

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    ill give it a try, i have sheets of glass out of different photo coppiers from work, ill have to see how thick they are been wanting to test this for a while anyhow.
  5. werowance

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Brian, i should be able to. assuming my idea works. a diamond drag bit is nothign more than a diamond tiped scribing tool mainly used for scratch engraving. i have a small cnc 3018 that i use that drag bit for some engraving. so really all i should have to do is draw a 1.1" in diameter...
  6. werowance

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    when you do the orings and site glass i would really like to see some close ups if you have time. been pondering doing a windows gas tank for a while now. have a diamond drag bit for my cnc router that i hope to be able to use to cut circles in glass with
  7. werowance

    still learning, what causes this texture

    ok miniscus - is that where the metal sort of lips upward at the edge of the crucible? i dont have a pyrometer maybe Christmas this year but not yet. the center sprue is actually part of the piece so had to make the outer sprues the same length. yes i could cut down maybe half inch of the...
  8. werowance

    still learning, what causes this texture

    still learning casting and am getting usable parts but wanted to know why the rough texture? sand to wet maybe? im using a 30% bentonite from well drillers mud and 70% play sand. all sifted and hand mulled (that takes for ever and gives your hands a real good work out) this was just scrap...
  9. werowance

    Preserve spare tools

    grease, just regular old farm use implement grease. sometimes will even wrap in wax paper to. only done that with my gear cutters with the wax paper
  10. werowance

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    resembles the upshur engine but in twin. i like what you are doing here.
  11. werowance

    Air pump

    if you have a junk yard near you, alot of cars with the air ride susspension have onboard compressors, i got one cheap along time ago. oldsmobille fe3 susspension car is what it came off of.
  12. werowance

    Size standards for homemade engines !!?

    last couple 4 strokes i did were 7/8 bore and 3/4 bore. one thing i was glad about is the largest collet i had was 7/8 and i prefer holding the piston in a collet if i can to do all the underneath the piston work. yeah, couldve used a vise or vise/vblock etc but the collet is so much easier...
  13. werowance

    Vertical 4 cycle engine from recycled parts

    brass wood screws on the 4 corners of the battery cover plate? or maybe some studs and wing nuts or similar on the 4 corners to make it easier to access? on the fuel line, do you think it will get hot enough to vaporize the fuel in the line being that close to the fins?
  14. werowance

    Henry Ford's Kitchen Sink Engine (my version)

    what type of glue did you use on your fuel tank? ive been wanting to make a see thru tank for a while but just didnt know what to use that would be fuel resistant to glue them in
  15. werowance

    magnum 120 FS repairs

    the pouring wax into the hole and pounding it out almost sounds like the old trick of using plain white sandwich bread and stuffing it in a pilot bearing hole to get the the pilot bearing out of a truck when replacing the clutch and such. i couldnt believe that actually works (and it did on an...
  16. werowance

    Question regarding hardening of 01 steel

    you can also dig up some yard clay and make a putty out of it and dab around the part you dont want to harden. but if the part is short the heat will still travel and when quinched will still harden partially. also watch for warpage
  17. werowance

    Vertical 4 cycle engine from recycled parts

    Brian, what are these pins for? im just guessing here - to make it adjustable or something?
  18. werowance

    My new project ...Small diesel engine .

    the main stand, pillar or "block" of the engine (not sure which of the 3 best describe it). Do you plan on casting that or barstock? im intersted in seeing how you handle machining that if done from barstock. im also interested in seeing how you cast it if you go that route
  19. werowance

    My next build--A cross beam vacuum engine

    Brian, i wont mention this again as im sure you are tired of me saying this. but you laped in your piston to the cyliner with 600 grit (while cold). i believe that was how you did your flame eater engine as well and you couldnt get it to run. what i found was do not lap the piston to the...
  20. werowance

    My next build--A cross beam vacuum engine

    Denatured alcohol. you can buy it at lowes or home depot in the USA not sure about in Canada. often called "Fuel" and i find it in the paint thinner isle. thats what i run my flame eater on. about 15.00 for a gallon of the stuff