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  1. TinkerJim

    Hello from Minneapolis

    Chronicle...your Sheldon looks like a solid machine well worth bringing back to active life again! Look forward to seeing what it looks like when finished and what DRO you will fit. The South Bend 9A has a small diameter dial collar on the cross slide screw making the divisions close together...
  2. TinkerJim

    Hello from Minneapolis

    Welcome Chronicle... I live a little bit east of River Falls Wi and have a 9" South Bend of 1920 vintage, along with a few other machines. Model projects have been mostly steam, Stirling, and vacuum engines. About a half-dozen years ago the trusty old lathe spent some time at A & D...
  3. TinkerJim

    For Sale Arrand Milling and Drilling Spindle

    I purchased this Arrand drilling and milling spindle over 30 years ago directly from the manufacturer in England. I had many plans to use it - like mounted to the lathe cross slide, or made into a stand-alone diamond disc grinder for carbide tool sharpening. Alas, other projects always...
  4. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story - #3 A new piston for the Major

    Very kind of you to say so !
  5. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story - #3 A new piston for the Major

    The 15" Stirling Engine Fan Moriya Major has been put to use quite a bit around here. Of late its leather piston seal was starting to fail. Not completely, but after running at full speed for an hour or so, the piston would lose some of its seal and the engine would slow down. Restarting...
  6. TinkerJim

    Sold Jabus Spherical Turning Tool

    Jabus Spherical Turning Tool A very well made attachment for turning ball or spherical shapes on work in the lathe. The tool is old but like new- I used it only a few times years ago on my Myford lathe. $175 plus shipping (US)
  7. TinkerJim

    Sold Set of Acro Laps

    An incomplete set of 16 barrel style laps. All are unused, but the brass has tarnished a bit from age. The sizes are: 3/16", 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 13/32, 7/16, 15/32, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 7/8, 15/16". Missing from the original set are: 1/8", 5/32, 3/8, and 1". These Acro laps...
  8. TinkerJim

    For Sale Books on Workshop Machine Tools

    This is my collection of books on making and using machine tools and accessories in the home workshop. A wealth of information, ideas, and inspiration. WORKSHOP MACHINE TOOLS Metal Turning Lathes Edgar T. Westbury 1970 Lathe Accessories & How to Make Them Edgar T. Westbury...
  9. TinkerJim

    For Sale Books on Shop Tools & Techniques

    A small collection of MAP booklets and old model engineering catalogs: SHOP TOOLS & TECHNIQUES Beginner's Guide to Fitting J.P. Law 1935/1987 How to Work Sheet Metal Herbert J. Dyer 1951/1969 Bearing Design & Fitting "Duplex" Three Dimensional Projection Drawing P.J. Booker...
  10. TinkerJim

    Sold Model Steam Engines Book Collection

    My collection of 17 books on Model Engineering specifically covering the subjects of Stationary Steam Engines, Live Steam Locomotives, Flash Steam & Boiler making: Model Stationary & Marine Steam EnginesK.N. Harris 1969 Model Boilers & BoilermakingK.N. Harris 196 Miniature World of Henry...
  11. TinkerJim

    For Sale ICE Book Collection

    This is my collection of books on Model Internal Combustion Engines: Model Petrol Engines Edgar T. Westbury Four-Stroke Model Engines Peter Miller198 Diesel Model Engines C.E. Bowden Model Petrol Engines C.F. Cauncer1930 - reprinted 1987 Model Four Cycle Gasoline Engines L...
  12. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    Thanks, Pete, for the tip on the thin wall SS tube source. I found some smaller thin SS tube on a different kind of solar garden light that I'm saving for who knows what.. I'll have to do some shopping for the bigger garden light you have too! If you do use that SS tube with .960 OD, you can...
  13. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    Hello Wolf... Looks like you've made a fine running Moriya Major for yourself ! I usually run mine also around 350 rpm at which speed it gives quite a good wide airstream. Occasionally, iI I'm working a ways off, I'll pull up the wick and let her work at 500 rpm. Indeed, Aluminum works...
  14. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story--in the beginning

    PS: Here is a picture of the engine of little Moriya just before putting her away again.
  15. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story--in the beginning

    The earlier offering of the "The Moriya Story--short form" in this Forum outlined the succession of Moriya II from Moriya Major and that from the original 10" Moriya fan. l. ]...
  16. TinkerJim

    A question about flash boilers....ish

    I seem to remember reading about something along these lines in an article in Model Engineer long ago. I checked the scribbled index cards I still had and found this: “Boilerless Steam Engine” by Hall in Vol. 132 (1966) on pages 762-4. I no longer have this issue but maybe someone can find...
  17. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    That's the tube ! Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll get the cup seal on its way to you.
  18. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    The leather cup seal is not a stock item. It was homemade using thin very flexible leather stock and formed as leather is commonly wet shaped. In this case a leather disc was soaked, pressed into a die, left to dry and then trimmed. The seal is then thoroughly oil soaked. The goal is to...
  19. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    Inch bearings are hard to find these days. and both have 5/16" ID bearings (in assorted ODs) that can be used. ABEC 3 grade bearings are plenty good for the Major. Or you could also go metric with 8mm. The .332 dia hole goes through to the central hole as the...
  20. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    They look great, Bob. Very fine authentic job. The shield between the front legs is a good addition.