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    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    No real need to start a new thread. I'll have to check my bearing OD's and ID's and then double check what the dimensions Weiss uses on there MT 5 spindle are. I'd maybe wrongly assumed Weiss used a different head stock casting for the increased spindle size. That may not be true if they did in...
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    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    Mine is the basic 280 VF, but bought before they came out with the MT 5 large bore version. So it only has the MT 4 spindle taper and just over 1" / 25.4 mm through bore.
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    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    Thanks for the additional information Neils. I was wondering if you'd machined your own spindle from scratch. And then how you might have rough machined, heat treated and then precision ground that spindle and the internal Morse Taper. Using an off the shelf spindle from a larger lathe was in my...
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    Quieting a Noisey Bench Top Lathe. How ??

    Very interesting a much larger spindle of that size can be fitted Neils. You really should do a bit more in depth thread about how it was done here. I'm extremely impressed.
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    6x26 Milling machine speed chart

    Here's the Grizzly Tools manual for it. Page 27 should have what your looking for. But those speeds are at best only approximate. Given today's availability of rather cheap digital rpm displays, adding one might be more helpful. Even though I did...
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    Nasty collets

    Collets are supposed to be properly hardened and then tempered back to a spring condition. That's due to how there designed to open and close while staying out of the metals permanent deformation range. There's a few warnings online about not trying to fully close any ER collet without the...
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    thread measurements 13/4X8 T.P.I.

    What your doing is basically no different than making a back plate for any lathes threaded spindle. In general, most would recommend starting out by machining your own thread gauge that matches the wire measurement as closely as possible over both the dividing heads spindle threads and your...
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    Mini Lathe Issues and Concept Execution

    While it would be difficult, very long lead pitches are completely doable on a lathe. Maybe not easily or possible with one that has a gear box, but with a plain change gear lathe it's certainly within what could be done. You'd have to add a whole lot more gearing than any lathe usually comes...
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    Nasty collets

    I would have instantly returned those back to whoever I bought them from. They keep manufacturing and selling garbage like this because people keep buying it. But If I ever had to deal with something like those internal burrs, any steel scale and especially what I'm paying for mine sure wouldn't...
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    Question about putting VFD on a step pulley mill.

    What pulley position to choose? That's literally impossible to properly give any accurate answer for since it depends on just what your doing. I look at the material I need to machine, and with a mill, then the maximum and minimum cutting tool diameters I'm going to be using as the first two...
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    Questions regarding drilling small holes, and runout.

    While I do have a Haimer 3D edge finder, I still keep a couple packages of Zig Zag brand cigarette rolling papers in the same tool drawer as the rest of my more conventional edge finding tools. For some work, the old school machinist trick of using a cigarette rolling paper should get you under...
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    Questions regarding drilling small holes, and runout.

    Before I learned the hard way what I finally understand now. Drilling holes or even using a drill press has a few more complexity's than some think or that seem to be almost never brought up on forums like these. Since it is so seldom mentioned, my assumption is that most with these lighter...
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    Questions regarding drilling small holes, and runout.

    If those collets weren't even close to matching what's in writing for there run out specifications Baron, then they should have been immediately returned to the vendor. I don't try to re-machine, repair or modify what the manufacturer should have already been producing if that's what there...
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    Questions regarding drilling small holes, and runout.

    Whatever videos you watched that show marking and then FILING collets due to excessive run out are being produced by literal know nothing morons Gavin. Well made collets get internally and externally ground to a few thousandths of a mm or a few 10ths of an inch after heat treatment, or even...
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    What is it?

    There not machinist jacks and there meant to be pre set with either a micrometer or a dti that's also been compared and zeroed for elevation to a stack of gauge blocks. The screw in the bottom would be used to lock whatever height they were set to. There used on a surface plate or CMM to support...
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    Machine Tool Alignment

    People also forget it's not just about short parts and a lathe turning parallel at least well enough to work on those SC. Any twist in a lathe bed will seriously affect drilling, reaming and boring. As the tools get longer, any misalignment effects become a lot larger. On top of that, the...
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    Machine Tool Alignment

    My sincere apology's for going missing. Personal issues (sigh) That really sucks about your test bar warping Petertha. Possibly I'm overly cautious, but I store mine coated in oil, wrapped in cloth and stored vertical inside PVC plumbing pipe with a glued on cap and the other end a threaded...
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    Machine tool alignment Part 2

    Ok lets say your tail stock does pass as pointing in the correct direction and within the allowable limits, or at worst, even straight in both axii during those initial rough checks. With any lathe that has an adjustable tail stock and for my usual order of operations, I'd now center the tail...
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    Machine Tool Alignment

    Ok Krypto asked me to start a new thread about this since a bit more detail was wanted and I was in reality starting to throw his own thread OT. And since I can't know just how much anyone here already does or doesn't know, this is going to get a bit detailed and long. As a reference and to...
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    South Bend 10K Lathe T-Slot Cross Slide

    Your welcome Bob and I'm happy to hear some might get some use out of that. And your right, it's not as simple as some think. I've been picking up what I could about it, putting it into practice, thinking some more, and I'm still learning a bit about this all the time. But I took Krypto's...