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    Mach4 here i come!

    G'day Steve. Very nice work on the control cabinets, very neat and orderly. Would be very keen to see some pix your lathe and mill conversions. I may be starting a Mill conversion next month using closed loop steppers, smoothstepper and Mach 4. Kind Regards, Trevor.
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    Thompson Engine

    Hey Michael. Following your current build closely. (And the Demon build) What's the origin of the casting kit/plans ??? Is that a HM50/51 mill your playing with ??? I've got the HM52 H/V with plans to retrofit for CNC. Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU.
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    18 Cylinders Isotta Fraschini (straight six-cylinder x3 )

    I wonder what the dielectric strength of the 3D printed plastic is ????? Regards, Trevor.
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    18 Cylinders Isotta Fraschini (straight six-cylinder x3 )

    Nothing wrong with flying; just the sudden stop at the bottom when the engine cuts out ..... R... T...
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    18 Cylinders Isotta Fraschini (straight six-cylinder x3 )

    G'day Foketry. This is going to be a very interesting build. 18 cylinders, 18 pistons, 36 spark plugs, 72 piston rings, 72 valves .......... (plus spares) This project will def keep the grey matter stirred. If you don't mind, I'll be watching every step with keen interest. Bring it on...
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    Wrong way fly cutter

    Bring Out Another Thousand Nay a truer word ..... Kind Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU.
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    Porsche 917 flat 12 engine

    G'day Bob. I've just come from there, and returned after reading your post above, and have no probs with the site. Have you tried a different search engine ??? Did you hold your tongue to the left when pressing the "enter" button ??? Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU.
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    35cc "V" Twin

    G'day Andrew. This looks veeeeery interesting. Hope you don't mind if I tag along for the ride. Are you building something to power with it ??? Bit of a bugger about the pistons. Que Sera, on with the show. Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU.
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    G'Day again Brian, et al. I seem to remember an article, I think it was Tom Walshaw in Model Engineer (happy to stand corrected), about piston ring and their wall pressure for various cyclinders. Went something like Steam - 6 to 8 PSI, Petrol - 16 to 18 PSI and Diesel - 38 to 40 PSI...
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    270 Offy

    Bumper issue Terry. I've printed this one off for Ron; later ron. This is now a reference source, going straight to the pool room library. (please refer to Aussie film "The Castle") Kind Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU
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    Swifty's build of Howell V4

    G'day Paul. Was wondering about you and your engine. Haven't heard of for a while. Good to know your still around. I have a few friends who, due to health reasons, had to dismantle their workshops (all tradies/toolies) and downsize. Must have been very frustrating for you as...
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    270 Offy

    'Afternoon John. The SIC plans are from issues 63, 64 and 65 ??? Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU
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    Hmmm. What bits do you have to flog off ? R... T...
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    Hey Lou. Is that a C & B I see in the background of post #1 ????? Me finks it is ….. 1/4 scale ? Regards, Trevor, Melbourne, AU
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    Marks Holt 75

    G'day Mark. Yes. I used a 6mm carbide cutter with a .5 rad. (Good eyes Mate) Clocked up the collet holder on centre, used the X axis both + & - (climb mill) and rotated the collet holder twice for all six sides. Head dia is 10mm, hex is 8mm AF. X+7 then X-7 on return. One...
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    Marks Holt 75

    G'day Mark, et al. Good to know your back in the shop. Any big celebrations mid last month ????? Noticed in post #155, you've used shoulder bolts for the rocker pins, very cluey. Attached are some pix of the shoulder bolts I'm using for a steam loco crosshead rebuild...
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    VFD Wiring

    'Evening Andrew. Yes, there is a special shielded wire to use. It's referred to as Shielded VFD cable. Your local elec supplier (Middy's etc) should be able to supply in cut length to your requirements. You'll also need the cable ends to allow EMI earthing etc. If you local can't supply...
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    Marks Holt 75

    Still loving your work Mark. Keep going strong Mate. So glad you have covered the build in such detail. (Would be interesting to see how many "views" this build has clocked up. Angie, does the forum have a counter ???) And yes, you are correct, in ref to Georges drawings. An...
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    Marks Holt 75

    G'day Guys. @ Lukas Pils. Fully understand what you mean Lukas, and I do tend to round off as much as possible. Mainly for stock sizing etc. Having said that, I am constantly working in plus/minus dimensions anyway. @ dnalot. Mark, I'm rapidly approaching retirement so I'm...
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    Marks Holt 75

    G'day Mark (et al). I too have purchased Georges' brilliant drawing with a view to constructing this engine and shall be watching this thread with keen interest. I too have purchased "Hollow Bar" to make the cylinder jackets. Plan is to rough turn the OD and pilot bore the jackets, silver...