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    Hello from new member

    A BIG Welcome!
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    People that build from blueprints?

    When you get a large complex print do you review the job until you see the project in your head in 2 or 3 dimensions? I can read the easy less complex prints but the large complex prints get me baffled. I have a hard time seeing the end product and I think it's a must to avoid mistakes and...
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    Dial indicator & stand

    I've found that the Starrett flex model to be the best. If you could find a smaller version of the Starrett 657T or use a full sized model you will be all set. I've used the rod type and small ones and never liked them. I wasn’t able to get it into position or the magnet whose to week.
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    Hi from USA

    There seems to be very little on manual machining since CNC prices have decreased. I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this sight! I have a Sherline CNC mill I never use do to requiring a larger machine and the preference to crank handles. Manuel machining is quickly becoming a lost art.