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    4 Verburg Engines

    Very nice family photo. :D Alan
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    Pacific Vapor Engine from Morrison & Marvin Castings

    Dave, Do you have any clue what the six vertical flanges with horizontal holes on the base are for? Alan
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    Unknown Engine Progress

    You will need to do more testing on the water pump. When everything is assembled and working the pump should be able to move water into the boiler while under steam. Perhaps you can use a long vertical tube or pipe to create the under steam pressure conditions and make sure the pump can move...
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    Marble lifting automation

    Hmm... Perhaps an autoloading trebushet :hDe: Alan As an Alternative to redesigning the sides to hold the marble, could the lifting block work with a slight hollow in its upper surface? It probably needs to be slight, since too much will jam the marbles.
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    Marble lifting automation

    Brian, Perhaps if the arm were reshaped like this it could hold the marble longer? Alan
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    Marble lifting automation

    Keep going, Brian. Linkages are good - besides it's going to give you something to drive with one of your engines. Hmm, could two engines be used backwards through a differential to power it if one didn't have enough oomph? Alan
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    US State Boiler Code

    Don't forget that while your boiler may fit an exemption in your home state it may not in the state where you are showing it. As an example, some rules seem to exempt boilers with an operating pressure of under 150 psi but others seem to exempt at under 100 psi. :wall: Alan
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    June Project of the Month!

    Speechless. Alan
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    "Bouncing" 2-stroke model engine

    Jan, This is a fascinating engine. One point of interest is the cycle time. I would expect this to be somehow related to the mass of the moving parts rather than their weight. It seems to me that the mass can't really be decreased since you need the weight to make the compression cycle what it...
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    October's Project of the Month

    A very lovely piece of work.
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    Flat surface

    If the surfaces to be flattened are external, you could try fine wet/dry paper on a sheet of plate glass. Use wet with something like kerosine which will tend to hold the paper on the flat surface as well as float off the residue. Also be concerned when bolting the two parts together. Try to...
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    I hate plumbing!!!

    New plumbing is not so bad. Old plumbing though ... :wall:
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    Gear Cutters?

    Chuck, Could you elaborate: I assume that one of the numbers in the range is that of the number of teeth that should be "perfect" and that the other numbers of teeth in the range are off one way or another. For each number of cutter, do you know which number of teeth will be closest to perfect...
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    Gail In NM - He's Back

    Gail, Happy to hear from you. Excellent scooter :) Alan
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    Trigonometry Practice

    Ken, Nice problem! When I started on this, it seemed to me that - as you say - I needed at least one more piece of information. Finally, I decided to see what the answer would be if I just tried a couple of sizes of holes; I'm afraid that I was still a bit muzzy minded at the time. For...
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    Small 3 ph motor

    Chuck, If this is a U.S. or Canadian consumer appliance the motor won't be 3 phase unless the accompanying electronics contained a VFD to power it. In that case you should already have all that is needed to run it. A 3 phase motor will supposedly run on single phase; it just won't self start...
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Brian, if you have to reverse the mill for these, they may have AR tools in them rather than AL. (Or maybe I said that backward?) My little flycutter rotates normally (clockwise when staring down from the top). It came with a sintered carbide tool; without going to look, I'm pretty sure it is...
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    Howdy Guys!

    Austin, Is why I joined HMEM. From the first read here what I found was not people hoarding their knowledge like some treasure that they would lose if they shared it; instead, a group that seems to universally support and encourage those who know less than they. I've been on forums where...
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    Scraped Tool Gift

    That thing will probably outlast a thousand of those diamond dressing tools! You have a good friend there Rick.
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Brian, I went back and looked at some pictures of your mill. I assume that the 2" to which you refer is the quill travel. I'd go ahead and mill the two inches, back off to your starting position, and lower the head so the quill can reach the bottom. Then I'd go ahead and mill the bottom part to...