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    Bristol SMEE show 2018

    Hello Dave, The time and interest you have taken to show us some of these exhibits is most gratefully received. You have done a wonderful feat in bringing these photos, otherwise not seen to our notice. Top job. Norm
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    Just bought a Mill :)

    Hi there, Seems there are some variations on these Optimum milling machines I have a BF20 l machine with a no. 3 mt . It came with a 1/2 whit drawbar, the 3 mt tools commonly have 12 mm draw bar so had to make up draw bar to suit. I must add that it is a delight to use. Norm
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    Double acting Double Oscillator

    Hello Brian, As always great to see your achievements and how you arrive at your results. Keep up the good work. Can you ascertain rev range for good control with that governor please. Norm
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    Double acting Double Oscillator

    Hello Brian, Notice you are testing the governor in a horizontal position. Would that not put out of balance into effect instead of vertical operation. I have finished my 3 ball governor and am following this thread closely Norm
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    1/4 Scale Gade questions

    Hello Chuck, Recently there was a reference to a generator/ starter that was made by a member, and I cannot seem to locate it. I have a lot of interest in this as a means of constant loading for engines and the benefit of a simple stating mechanism. Could some one please give me more details Norm
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    Double acting Double Oscillator

    Hello Ved, When I was young I used to play with toys which created a lot of enjoyment. At this stage of life I am creating toys, much better quality and they work. I also feel very creative. So what if you look at them as toys. It is what they mean to me that matters. Norm
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    Budding model engineer

    Hello Warren, Welcome to HMEM from Warrnambool area in Victoria Australia. Norm
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    G'day from WA (Western Australia)

    Hello Bluey, Welcome aboard, do hope you have a fruitful experience on HMEM. Norm from East Australia
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    3 ball governor

    Hello Brian, Cannot follow the procedure you out lined, but the simple way I got to your site was to Google 3 ball governor and it comes up with HMEM added. I hope this gets the results you are looking for. Regards, Norm
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    3 ball governor

    Hello Brian, Nearest I can get is your first article dated08-07-2010. It was on HMEM. I printed out about 30 pages on the article. While talking about the likely hood of working, I realise speed is the basis for the operation. Even if the engine is too slow revving for the governor in your mind...
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    3 ball governor

    Hello Brian, Picked up a link to your 3 ball governor which I like very much for a motor I am developing. Printed out the whole series that was on HMEM. It appears that there could have been further development on this classy unit. I would like to build in metric, have you any sort of plans for...
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    open crank horizontal drawings

    Hello Jim, Thanks for that suggestion. What I am aiming to build is more in the line of 1880's to early 1900 engine, Crossley or that style of engine with side shaft. Norm
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    open crank horizontal drawings

    Hello All, I am contemplating the build of an old horizontal engine model, gas fired between 100 and 200 rev p/m. Does anyone have knowledge that could help me with mainly combustion chamber and/or valve arrangements. I am looking at building this engine from materials other than...
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    I bought a lathe, mill, and a bandsaw, how did I do?

    Hello GJ, I have found pure synthetic motor oil to be long lsting and rust preventative as well as a good all round lubricant. All my equipment gets this treatment, living 3 kilometers from the ocean creates a big problem with rust until I found this lubricant. Norm
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    Hello from Australia

    Hello Anthony, welcome to the fold from another Australian in S W Victoria. Norm
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    Thank you and a very merry Christmas

    I hope that all members enjoy a most wonderful Xmas, a very enjoyable New Year and that 2018 bring all your wishes to fruition. Regards Norm
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    Lathe service

    Peter, I have a 9 x 20 Chinese lathe and did this mod as described by Steve Bedair in his web site. Very pleased with the result. It is also very handy for catching small machined objects. Norm
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    Back to Steam

    Brian, having trouble viewing your videos. They come out as a black square. Can you explain what the problem is please, Norm
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    BF20LV Draw bar thread confusion

    Hello Marvin, I have a BL 17 mill which is a very good unit. The original makers design quoted an MT 2shaft, but the company I bought it from supplied an MT3 shaft which I needed to be able to use tools I already had. Problem was a 1/2 inch drawbar. The price of tools for this drawbar was far...
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    Band saw upgrade

    Hello Rudy, A great idea, half way through converting mine. I am using 5 mm aluminium plate. Norm