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    Total new-comer to CAD. Which programme to choose.

    Have a look at BeckerCad 14 3D at Guenter
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    DRO recommendation for Mill

    I installed a 4 axis DRO on my XC 45, because there was only a 3 axis DRO installed and I missed the spindel heights gauge. So i used the 3 axis DRO for my CJM250 lathe and installed 3 magnetic scales due to the smaler size of the puckup and the scale. I used a magnetic scale also for the mill...
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    New to me Mill

    Hello, I used this inverter for a single phase Motor 230V 1HP and just removed the capacitor. I relized no differnce to a a 3-pase motor. All what you have to do is the installation of a fan, which I mountet just above the Motor fan in blowing direction to the motor. It is neccesary because the...
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    CAD /Autocad Help

    Hi, you can check if Freedraft from "CADTEC Schweiz GmbH" can handle your needs. You can download it free at Kostenloses CAD-Programm - FreeDraft CAD and check if it suits your needs. If you are satisfied you can have a unlimited version for a minimum donation of 30 $. More information at...
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    maximat v10

    usually you can use any switch with teh same function. But your qoestion was switches, which one doe you need. Is it is one of the old mechanical switches with special functions it would de better is you rewire the machine completely. For htis job you need elecrical knowledge and in most cases...